Start your FirstRun with Gul Panag!

 gul-panag-launches-first-run-mobile-appMobieFit announces the launch of FirstRun App at Sofitel Mumbai BKC. FirstRun is MobieFit’s first mobile app designed to make runners out of those who’ve never run before in their lives.


The app is available on the Google Play Store for free, including all premium features.

FirstRun is the debut product of MobieFit, a company founded by Gourav Jaswal with Gul Pang as co-founder and born out of Prototyze, an incubator for technology-centered businesses.


Users can select from two running programs: a 5 kilometre program (based on Josh Clark’s world-renowned C25K program) and a 10 kilometre program. The most unique feature of the app is the personal trainer, Gul Panag.


FirstRun has many unique features that set it apart. Primary among which is the presumption that the user can run only one minute (yes, only one minute) at a time for the first session.


Personal Trainer

A personal trainer guides users through the process, ensuring motivational levels never drop. Gul is the in-app personal trainer for the 5K and 10K programs, giving runners essential tips along the way.


Don’t worry about Speed or Distance

FirstRun does not focus on speed or distance, instead just encourages people to run for a set time.

With a combination of walking and running, the app ensures that exercising becomes easier for users at any stage of fitness or the lack of it.


Perfect for Beginners

On the first day, the runner only needs to run for less than 10 minutes with each run being only one minute. So even beginners can start running with ease. As they progress, the running time gradually increases.


Train for a 5K and 10K

The 5 kilometre program is structured in a way, that a beginner can go the distance in just 9 weeks, by running thrice a week. The 10 kilometre mark can be achieved by running thrice a week for 12 weeks.


Treadmill mode

Users can run outdoors or even indoors, since FirstRun has a unique treadmill mode, that gives you the right instructions at the right time.


In-app music player

Runners love music on their daily run, so there’s an in-app music player to keep them company every time they step out.


FirstRun is a great tool to train for marathons as it makes you a disciplined runner.

Gul Panag, co-founder, MobieFit

I wish I had access to this kind of technology when I started running. If I had the support of a fantastic app like FirstRun, I would have definitely struggled less to run my first 3 miles.


Over the years, I have seen how important it is to bring fitness into our lives. I have witnessed first-hand the positive transformation it has brought in those close to me.”


Gourav Jaswal, Founder and Director, MobieFit

FirstRun doesn’t just log your runs. It coaches you to run. While I’ve led an active life and been involved in many fitness activities, I was never a runner. This is what took me in nine weeks into running 5km.


MobieFit is a venture focused on mFitness. It helps you become as fit as you want, in the way that you want. MobieFit is one among many ventures born at Prototyze, an incubator founded by Gourav Jaswal.

Gourav is the Founder and Director of MobieFit and Prototyze. He started his first business at the age of twenty-one and since then has built half-a-dozen growing, profitable companies

This entrepreneurial ecosystem of companies include ScreenRoot which focusses on human: screen interaction design (mobile apps, web applications, intranets…); Synapse which specializes in business communication, Visual JuJu that’s focused on multimedia and Starving Artist Films which makes films designed for online media. In addition, we have Junoon Ventures, a holding with Zaki, a studio focused on corporate art, Gulnar which makes hand-made soaps and Shirkshop an early-stage venture experimenting with product design, currently furniture, and of course, Prototyze.

Gul Panag has co-founded Mobiefit. While people know Gul as an actress, a social activist, a television commentator and a former Ms. India, she’s also an icon for fitness for over a decade. Gul is a serial half-marathon runner and has been featured in multiple media about her fitness routine and her running philosophy. Besides running, her passions include cycling, trekking and tennis. She is in the process of writing a book on fitness.


Gul takes conscious activism to all her endeavors and is an ambassador for women’s fitness and running. Passionate about all things technology, Gul sees mobile apps as the major catalyst of the next wave of fitness. Gul is one of India’s most powerful opinion makers and thought leaders and now an avid fitness entrepreneur.

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