Star-studded ​Indian debut  of  New Zealand’s new treasure​ – ​ the​   ​Zes ​​ pri SunGold Kiwifruit​ !

The who’s who of Mumbai​’s ​F&B world ​made their way to​

​ ​for the official Indian​ launch of ​the deliciously sweet and juicy Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit​.
Present were Bollywood​ actress ​Ms. ​Kalki Koechlin, Celebrity Chef  Mr. ​Ranveer Brar, Ace Nutritionist ,Ms. ​Pooja Makhija 
​,​Zespri’s Regional Manager

​(MEIOA)​ –

Mr. Ben Huges and Zespri’s country manager – India ​
Mr. Ritesh Bhimani amongst many other​ prestigious guests. ​

10 years in development, Zespri Sun​Gold Kiwifruit is

​full of vitality, juicy, golden-fleshed ​and a ​new variety that ​has a refreshing sweet taste ​perfect for the Indian pal​e​​t​te​


​ It is thus no surprise that everyone loved the fruit at the launch!
A video presentation was the perfect start to the evening and
​​the fruit was unveiled amidst much admiration, fan fare and a huge round of applause.
One of the highlights of the evening was a​ unique cook-off session where Chef Ranveer demonstrated a special SunGold Kiwi ​fruit​ Martini for the season – which Team Kalki and Team Pooja recreated with the help of volunteers from the audience​

, in under 5 minutes! Both Kalki and Pooja were up for the challenge as soon as Chef Brar proposed it, and Zespri was​ extremely pleased to facilitate the same.​

​ ​
The correct way to eat a kiwifruit was also demonstrated – a 3 step process to cut, scoop and enjoy the fruit! The evening also saw this as a unique toast ​for one and all to celebrate the introduction of this glorious fruit.
​The evening turned out to be fun filled with great
​ food, drinks,​music and of course, delicious SunGold Kiwifruit​!

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