Dr. Lakdawala brings affordable weightloss surgery to Belapur

What’s also key is the surgical facilities available here. Dr Lakdawala, whose team will be operating at Nanesh Hospital, Belapur, “I cannot operate everyone and be everywhere. Which is why the best team I have trained will now be operating here. If I ever needed a surgery, I would definitely ask this team of Dr Aparna and Dr Amit would operate on me. We have the same world class facilities with the laparoscopic screen and cart, the anesthetic unit, and the same surgical technique and material and finesse as needed for bariatric surgery as anywhere else in the country here. What’s important is that the team has been backed by experience after having done over 4000 bariatric surgeries we have done.”


For Dr Aparna and Dr Amit, the Belapur unit will also allow them to reach out in the process of creating CODS as a medical tourism hub in Belapur. Dr Sood, who has been working with CODS since 2011 says, “As the International Airport plans to be opened here, we can look at catering those patients from International places. Besides, the awareness of obesity is now becoming higher and can get answered easily.” Dr Aparna, who will also be operating at Nanesh Hospital in Belapur says, “Given busy lifestyle, it’s time for us doctors to make the effort to come here rather than making the patients come all the way to South Mumbai. Also given any lack of organized infrastructure in Belapur, this will help us reach out faster and better to as many people as possible.”

Today, the need for weight loss surgery is immense says Dr Lakdawala. “In 2004, I operated 4 people. Today, we operate over 1000+ patients. This is how obesity has changed.” Known for single incision surgery, Dr Muffazal Lakdawala is the pioneer of scarless surgery – where surgery happens with minimal cut, no scar and little pain.  Dr Lakdawala has also operated on Salma Khan, actress Reena Roy, ministers Nitin Gadkari, Venkaih Naidu and industrialist Dilip Piramal.

Dr Muffi and Nitin Gadkari
Dr Muffi and Nitin Gadkari

Recounting an incident on how bariatric surgery changes lives, Dr Lakdawala said, “This is the only surgery which changes a patient’s life completely. I had a parent with two daughters – one of which was obese who came to the clinic. The daughter who was fat hated the mother and sister who were skinny. She even tried to commit suicide. Today, she’s operated successfully and is married. This is what weight loss surgery can do. We don’t understand the psychological impact of obesity. But that’s how life can be changed.”


Dr. Lakdawala, together with his team run the leading Medical Institute – The Centre for Obesity and Digestive Surgieries (CODS), India. Known for 100% success rate, CODS India team have done the maximum no. of weight loss surgeries in India, i.e. more than 4000 surgeries in 10 years, and still counting. CODS India also comprises of a team of nutritionists, psychologists and well-trained staff who ensure both pre and post-operative care for the patients.


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