Indian racing champ Nayan Chatterjee overcomes significant odds, secures fourth place

SUN_0877.JPGDespite an accident pushing him all the way back to 11th place on the starting grid, Nayan Chatterjee overcame significant odds to secure 4thplace at the JK Tyre FMSCI National Rotax Karting Championship 2016 in Hyderabad on Sunday.

Nayan managed to perform well in the pre-race heats, with finishes of 3rd and 4th place respectively. Post the accident, Nayan managed to perform several tricky overtaking manoeuvres to fight his way forward, and eventually overtook 7 racers to fall just short of a podium finish.

In Nayan’s own words “It’s been a trying weekend. Definitely not the cleanest. For the Finals, starting dead last to finish 4th is quite an achievement. That’s considering we had to use the spare engine, after my main one seized up after being knocked off in an incident in the Pre-Final race.”

Nayan remained as optimistic as ever, once the race ended – “I can see positives. I managed to pull off many clean overtaking moves. That was satisfying and exciting. It’s what racing is all about. This weekend certainly didn’t lack the entertainment quotient.”

Nayan Chatterjee is an international kart racer who has been identified as one of India’s most talented racing prospects by Akbar Ebrahim – India’s premier racing mentor. Competing in the senior category since 2013, Nayan has won an incredible 28 national trophies in motorsport! The racing season for Nayan continues as he will participate in the JK Tyre FMSCI National Rotax Karting Championship in Coimbatore on July 15th – 17th.


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