Want to become a Pokémon Catcher? Join Babajob.com today!

Are you out there catching Pokémons? Have you joined any ‘Pokémon Walk’ yet? If not, you are surely missing out the excitement the entire world is experiencing by playing today’s most talked about game – Pokémon Go. The game has become popular overnight and it has taken the industry by a storm. Even employees at Babajob.com, India’s largest livelihood marketplace for the next billion, are chasing Bulbasaur, Charmander and Pikachu. To express their love and support for the game and most importantly the technology behind it, Babajob.com has announced its new job category:‘The Pokémon Catcher’.

Apart from other popular job categories like Driver, Maid, Delivery, etc., Babajob will now offer an opportunity to fans to become an official Pokémon Catcher. The job portal already has about 7 million Jobseekers, and over 4, 00, 000 employees, and aims to take their customer base even higher by attracting Pokémon Go fan base.

Another big fan of the game, Sean Blagsvedt, Founder & CEO, Babajob.com and Level 2 Pokémon Handler (meaning he still can’t go to a gym 🙁 ) said, “Just as companies like Flipkart, Amazon, OLA and UBER transformed and greatly expanded the delivery and driver job categories, we see Pokémon Go doing the same for Catchers. Babajob will be the premier portal for players everyone to hire screened, verified Pokémon Catchers.  It’s an amazing time.”

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