Mobile game Pokémon Go is earning a daily revenue of over $10 million every day.

Pokémon go is a free game that is availabile on IOS and Google Play store. According to a report by app analytics firm the game does not have a meaningful impact on the daily revenue of other popular games including Mobile Strike, Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga. Pokémon go is an location based reality game. Pokémon go has realeased on July 6, 2016. Pokémon go is the first game ever which completed 1 Billion download’s in just 13 days. The craze has gone more because it is  a reality game. The person has to move out of his house to play this game. The developer of the Pokemon go is Niantic, Inc. Pokemon go can be played by any one. Age doesn’t really matter, it doesn’t matter if you are  6 years old or 60 year’s old.


So that is the reason that every one is downloading this game. Pokemon go has captured a huge market. There are  people who specially go down in hunt of the Pokémon. People love this game because it uses your phone GPS to track you and to detect your location as in where and when you are there in the game and to make the Pokemon appear around you in your screen so you can go to that place  and catch the Pokémon. As you move around you will find different types of Pokémon in your way. As you move you will find yourself moving in the game. People like this game because this game is not like orther boring game’s where u have to sit at one place and play. In this game u have to move around to place’s to catch Pokémon. As you keep on moving you will actually see the person moving in the game. You can’t sit at home and play this game you will have to move out of your house and travel around the real world in search of faik Pokémon

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