Arrow unveils India’s first Smart Shirt with Ayushmann Khurrana

Born in 1851, Arrow the blue blooded American brand today launched India’s First SMART SHIRT at the St. Regis, Mumbai. Following the success of the Revolutionary ‘Arrow 4in1’ shirt, the brand has taken innovation to the next level with the introduction of the SMART SHIRT, a technology enabled shirt which serves an actual purpose, other than just making you look sharp.

First of its kind in the country, the Smart ShirtTM lets you multi-function with just a tap on your smart phone. From opening your favorite app on your mobile phone to sharing your business card or LinkedIn profile, one tap and the Smart ShirtTM does it for you.


To launch this technologically fashionable shirt was multi-talented Actor and Singer – Ayushmann Khurrana, who is known for his love for all things technology.


Speaking on the launch, Ayushmann Khurrana said, “I was super excited with the Arrow 4in1 shirt and its uniqueness, but now after witnessing the Smart Shirt, I cannot wait to use it. Wearing this shirt not only makes you look sharp but will also give you the power to share your details and make changes with just a tap of the cuff. It’s a product that we all knew we wanted but weren’t sure of its existence, Arrow has made it possible and I am sure every professional will invest in it. I personally cannot wait to see what Arrow comes up with next.”


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