Privacy at its best! Ngage App has it all !


There is always a competition in today’s generation (X, Y,) whatever you call them to show off new things, mobiles, gadgets, clothes etc. There are some who would like to flaunt their knowledge or talk about the latest technology.

Technology is evolving every minute and it has changed the way people communicate today. The App revolution has taken the world by storm. We came across this interesting chat app – n-gage, which has so many features but it has got a distinctive edge over its competitors. .

The developers have kept security as a core and weaved around all other functions around it.  Users can be rest assured of their data being secured, as the app provides un parallelprotection for message and images.

Mr. Ajit Patel_Founder & CEO
Mr. Ajit Patel_Founder & CEO

EXTRACT is another stunner that allows instant retraction of a message you sent mistakenly to the wrong person.

If you think or are scepticalsome acquaintance discretely saving your data, you can exercise SCREENSHOT DISABLING feature, which restricts your messages or images from being captured.

Thanks to n-gage data safety through its extra-ordinary feature called SCRAMBLE. Scramble encrypts your messages in a manner that is illegible to outsiders. The distorted messages can be retrieved only by you with a few quick taps on your screen!

Doodle Plus new screenshot Android 24516

SAFE CHAT is the feature that enables users to send and receive 1-on-1 password protected messages. n-gage offers an unmatched experience, as it introduces exceptional privacy features.

n-gage has taken conversations to another level by introducing free VIDEO CALLING. The app also empowers users to make group video calls.

The MAKEOVER option gives users the freedom to personalise their individual chats with a host of colours and themes. It is a playful way to change the look and feel of your app as and when you like.

Group video chat
Group video chat

N-STICKERS and N-CARDS are additions to the app that make messaging more fun. Doodles are always fun, as the make the interaction more vibrant. Through the DOODLE PLUS feature, n-gage prompts users to unleash the child in them by drawing their hearts out!

n-gage does provide a 360 degree lifestyle experience.


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