Independence Day ; as the year reaches the day 15th August, every citizen of India remembers  the inspiring Stories of Sacrifices that made our freedom possible from and got our country into an existence of Honor and Pride from the non ending darkness of extinction. But, are such sacrifices of lifetime honors worth remembering for just two days a year ? Aren’t we enjoying our freedom rest of the days ?

Same question was presented for thinking in front of local residents by an NGO named CARE Foundation originating from the locals of Bandra East ; supported with youth generation representatives from Chetan College B.M.M Section. A group of near to 30 ; including few kids and members from the NGO alongwith Student group of Chetana College headed from Shantilal Compound, Jawahar Nagar, Khar East towards Kherwadi with a Message to preserve Pride of our National Flag. They Appealed all the local residents to be a bit attached with all sacrifices made by our army men and so also the responsibility we all must share towards our honorable army men.


It wasn’t the end as many of the students from B.M.M, B.M.S etc sections of Chetana College took up the responsibility to make all residents aware and appealed them to pick each and every flag fallen anywhere in an unexpected and unacceptable condition. This initiative covered many locals of Khar, Bandra, Santacruz, Kalina etc. The initiative that took up start from a small dynamic group of CARE Foundation have now gained boost with the youth support from Chetana College Management Sections and the success it got in form of very less fallen flags found this year.

About CARE

Care foundation is a not-for-profit registered organization based in Mumbai. Started on 03rd December 2011 by Mr.Aniket Ghanshyam Bhankal with three more youngsters following their unique thought that if drops of water could fill in an ocean, why can’t small but regular changes bring about an ocean of changes in our society . Since 2011 we are working on the subjects of education for children and other different aspects of society

This NGO was formed to educate each and every child on this planet by making poor children realise their self worth, care foundation is interested to empower them well enough to make them into highly successful individuals

We offer education which is filled with care, support and independence that will provide these kids with a unique platform to tap into their unlimited potential. With the extraordinary weapon of education, we hope to strengthen India by offering it with an army of learned professionals who will contribute tremendously for a better future.


CARE Foundation, where CARE stands for Cultural Association for Recreation and Education have originated from an idea in mind of Founder/Chairman Mr. Aniket Ghanshyam Bhankal, who believed in a thought that “Talents are inborn and Education is a source to develop those talents and skills, so Talents must be preserved alongwith Education. Starting with a small home tutions , this idea led to involvement of more children into it. This gave an rise of a new thought; a thought to change and then change the society. A Group of Yougsters came together under the guidance of few elderly supporters with a more impactful thought that “ Changes are to be brought , not just to be thought ” . This led to establishment of CARE Foundation in December 2011 that initially aimed at changing parents views regarding the inborn talents of their kids. To a extent of success achieved in this race of changing thoughts , CARE Foundation now aims to change the society that is divided into two classes; one with all benefits and facilities and other without them.



CARE logo represents a ship that have taken upon the responsibility of helping the poor and needy people. Ship have four person boarded on it ; of which ‘A’ and ‘R’ are the needy ones who require guidance, support and a helping hand to reach their destination. And ‘C’ and ‘E’ are the members of CARE Family who offer the needy one’s with required guidance and assistance.



P3 as it stands ; is a venture of CARE Foundation and it denotes the way to success for the small kids. P3 says PPP in which first P stands for PLAY, the second P stands for PRESERVE and the third P stands for PROGRESS. Here we make the kids from poor and economically backward sections get on the best possible features in this changing world of Education at an affordable fees. Here there is no discrimination made , neither donation creates a hurdle in the way of parents towards better education for their child. Teachers who are Certified and Qualified ; creates a base for the kids to Play and Learn, Preserve the learnt Knowledge and then Progress all their life.


REACH AND TEACH – Initiated by P3 Pre-Primary School

It is an initiative undertaken with a vision to eradicate illiteracy or lack of quality education among the poorer section of our society. Here we try for donators who are willing to donate a minimum of Rs.50/- per month i.e Rs.600/- per year for a cause. When a minimum of three donators donate Rs.50/- per month from each of them, we get an amount equal to Rs.1800/- per year. This allows us to Educate a needy and poor child free of cost. The amount accumulated from the three donators is utilized to spend on the yearly requirement of the kid who is been educated at our school. Started in this year itself ; this initiative is expected to gain a positive and kind response in near future.

SHAGUN MEHANDI CLASSES – From Passion to Profession

Shagun as the name itself suggests a start to every good happenings as per our Indian Tradition. Shagun Mehandi Classes , initiated and managed by Mrs. Bhavana N. Jain , carries the same tradition giving women including housewives, collegians etc a way from Passion of Learning Mehandi towards a Profession in the same field. With an experience of over 5 years , Shagun Mehandi Classes have taught and trained over 40 females that includes housewives, working women, college teens etc. Few students got their way by starting their own Mehandi Classes and some carried on as a Professional Mehandi Designer, and never the less many took it as an add on art in their daily life.



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