Brands having The Most Expensive Celebrity Endorsements !

Every celebrity knows it definitely pays to be on top of your game. Not only do you get recognized in your field, you also get handpicked to represent many of the world’s best-selling products and brands.

Here are some of the luckiest celebrities who’ve banked hefty endorsement deals with some of the biggest companies and brands out there.

1.Shah Rukh Khanshah-rukh-khan

Brands : Pepsi,D’Decor,Nokia,Lux,Tag Heuer

Khan is often labelled as “Brand SRK” by media organisations because of his brand endorsement .He is one of the highest paid Bollywood endorsers and one of the most visible celebrities in television advertising, with up to a 6 per cent share of the television advertisement market. The Times of India reported that Khan had doubled his fee for promoting a pan masala brand after learning they had first approached another actor.At ₹200 million(US$3.0 million), this was one of the most lucrative deals for a Bollywood actor ever.


Brands: Pepsi, also known as the archrival of Coca-Cola.

This Destiny’s Child is no stranger to celebrity endorsements. Beyonce has appeared as the face of a number of brands including American Express, Nintendo DS, and L’Oreal since the age of 18. However, Queen B’s biggest celebrity endorsement yet is with Pepsi, also known as the archrival of Coca-Cola. She has been endorsing the product since 2002. Pepsi has always been gearing towards making itself a lifestyle brand, and bringing in Beyoncé has definitely upped its game.Image-2

3.David Beckham

Brands: Adidas,Diet Coke, Armani, Coty, H&M, Sainsbury’s, Samsung and his newest partner, Breitling.

David Beckham gets top-grade endorsements from iconic brands such as Diet Coke, Armani, Coty, H&M, Sainsbury’s, Samsung and his newest partner, Breitling. In addition, he apparently signed a lifetime deal with sportswear brand Adidas for over $150 million. That said, he earns approximately $55,000 per day just for his celebrity endorsements.


4.LeBron James

Brands: Nike,Mc.Donalds &Coca-cola.

Image-4Touted as Miami Heat’s Most Valuable Player, LeBron James is undoubtedly a champion on and off the court. He is also an endorsement machine since high school, when he first signed a $90 million deal with Nike for a seven year contract. Since then, the NBA superstar has accumulated considerable wealth and fame as a result of numerous endorsement contracts. He has partnerships with Coca-Cola, State Farm and in 2010, a multi-year deal with McDonalds.





5.Justin Bieber

Brands:OPI nail Polish Brand.Image-5

At only 19 years old, Canadian teenager Justin Beiber has gone from a YouTube sensation to a worldwide hit. Apart from his considerable success in the music industry, Bieber also ventured into the business world as a venture capitalist and technology investor. In fact, Bieber has made his first start-up investment in 2009, with millions of investments put in Stamped, Spotify, and game-for-good company SoJo Studios. He has also raked in numerous celebrity endorsements with his cute boy charm that seemed to appeal with the young teenage female demographic. From everyday merchandise such as toothbrushes to luxury products such as perfumes, the Biebs has definitely earned some serious coin over the years. In fact, recently, he has signed a multi-million dollar with nail polish brand OPI to design his own line of nail polish.





6. 50 Cent






Brands: Glaceau

Rapper 50 cent may have first attracted attention for his 2003 single “In Da Club”, but this artist also has a savvy business side. Back in 2004, he struck a deal with Glacau (the company that formerly owned Vitamin Water) and negotiated a stake in the business, from which he earned a good $100 million. Rather than just merely being an ambassador to the brand, 50 Cent used his fame to create a lasting partnership with a company that was on the rise. In 2007, Coca-Cola acquired Glaceau for $4.1 billion, which definitely boost his net worth.





7.Brad Pitt

Brand: The first male face of the fragrance, Chanel No. 5Image-7

Known for his lead roles in popular Hollywood films such as Troy, Fight Club, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and more, Brad Pitt definitely has a long list of achievements to boot. This makes him one of the industry’s most iconic celebrities to date. Back in 2012, Brad Pitt also became the first male face of the fragrance, Chanel No. 5. The sexy star appeared in a black-and-white ad that was directed by Joe Wright of Pride & Prejudice, and this single gig alone earned him $6.7 million.





8.Tiger Woods

Brand: Nike







One could not simply talk about golf and forget to mention one of the most popular golfers in the world. Having won the 1997 Masters as well as other numerous competitions in the succeeding years, Tiger Woods broke the world record for the most major wins at age 25. Due to his champion status in the sport, Nike signed a $100 million deal with the golden boy of golf over a 5-year span. Suffice to say, Tiger Woods is a legend in golf, which despite his infidelity and the media scrutiny, still manages to rake in celebrity endorsements from sports giants all over the world.






9.Salman Khan

Brands: Relaxo,Revital,Suzuki. Image-9

Salman Khan endorses a number of brands like Relaxo, Revital, Suzuki and, it’s safe to say that the actor does more endorements than movies per year. But rumours have it, that his recent association with Thums Up, who appointed him as the brand ambassador paid him approximately 18 crores. Now that’s Toofani indeed.






10.Jay Z

Image-10Brands: Budweiser, Samsung,Microsoft

Rapper turned business mogul Jay Zcertainly knows how to make money seem like it grows on trees. While he has previously inked multi-million contracts with Budweiser in 2006 and Microsoft in 2010, his most recent deal yet is potentially the best to date. Rumors have it that Samsung paid Jay Z $20 million to promote the Samsung Galaxy Models. In addition, the company also helped distribute and promote the release of his newest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. In fact, Samsung purchased a limited amount of copies prior to its official launch and made it available exclusively through its channels. That definitely created buzz for the hip-hop legend and the Korean tech brand.

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