Railway’s to have CSR cell for greater involvement with corporate world

Seeking larger participation of corporates in the rail sector is been noticed by the railways. So Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has decided to set up a separate corporate social responsibility (CSR) cell to rope in more private players.

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu today said, that railways have a clear cut policy on how CSR funds can be used. We are in the process of creating a CSR cell in railways and there are already many corporates tying up with us.
Prabhu also favoured involvement of corporate sector in national resource management, health care and education in a very big way.

The massive footfalls on stations can be turned into big business opportunities. There are around 8000 stations across the country and about 27 million people use these stations in a day. Stressing that corporates making good business is beneficial for both. If you make more profits then more funds will be available for CSR.
According to the law, companies have to spend 2 per cent of their profits for CSR purpose.

Railways have many areas including cleanliness at stations, environment, conservation of water bodies and solar energy where CSR fund can be utilised. He also said that railways have created a separate environment directorate for promoting green initiatives. Solving water problem is an issue, it is a challenge and it needs a long term solution and idea. Here corporates can help us in a big way.The problem can be solved with use of technology. Partnership with the government on operational level can help the national resource management.


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