This Ganpati Festival, Zuver is all set to give its Customers a Dual Treat!

 It’s that time of the year again when the sparkling Ganpati brings the city alive. Zuver has rolled out a special package so that the customers make the most of the festivities and immerse oneself in the history of the festival.

We understand the pain of driving on a congested road with extremely slow traffic. Hence, Zuver: Your Driver on Demand has come with an offer where you can book a driver to take the idols for emersion from your doorstep. Our professional drivers will reach you at the pickup time and drive you around in the comfort of your own car. The prices for the first 5 hours are Rs 499/- and Rs 70/- over 5 hours.

There is an additional package which ensures its customers a safe and hassle-free drive to city’s famous Ganpati pandals. Your comfortable rides with a self-driven car by trained and skilled Zuver drivers are just a click away. This five hour package is priced for Rs. 1200/-.

Furthermore, the drivers (or Captain as Zuver like to call them) are presentable and amiable with soft skills; customers can rely upon throughout their journey. They ensure customers with basic car checks like battery, petrol, PUC etc., before starting every journey. Zuver recognizes the need of customers and meet them with efficiency.

Ushering the spirit of Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai is always Splendid! This Ganpati enjoy the festive fervor with Zuver rides.

About Zuver – Your Driver on Demand:

Co-founded in 2015, Zuver is a start-up, mobile app based company with a unique selling proposition –a service that promises liable, skilled, well-trained ‘driver on demand’ at your doorstep. Zuver is the German term for “reliable” which is exactly what the brand believes in. They aim to make their drivers the gold standard for industry drivers and create a new benchmark. Zuver, Your driver on demand is available on Android and iOS or at +91 2243686868



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