Nirvana Realty partners with Singapore Based Holiday home rental venture

Nirvana Realty, one of India’s leading and most trusted names in the weekend homes segment announced its association with Singapore Based Hospitality Venture
With this association being one of the firsts of its kind in India, weekend homeowners can now enjoy not just their luxurious holiday home but also the additional income that it generates all-year through! Additionally this can be availed of without any monthly maintenance charges & absolutely no hassle on the upkeep of the property. This pioneering concept has never been done before!
In India Nirvana Realty has given us some of our most innovative projects in recent times such as Bollywood-themed weekend homes Wollywood in Wada and music-themed township City of Music in Khopoli. Taking its ambition of providing innovative holiday solutions to its patrons, Nirvana has partnered with TripVillas – Asia’s leading holiday rental company.

TripVillas, one of the largest organised players in the space facilitates approximately 40mn $ of Holiday Rentals per year with a market share of close to 25%. The Vacation Rental Industry in Asia is about 150mn $ and in India the trend is picking up soon. Holiday Homes offer twice the space for the same cost as a hotel room. Typical yields from Holiday Home rentals are 9-10% – close to 3 times from Long Term leases. In addition holiday homes in Asia have performed exceedingly well as cities have expanded converting into potential first home destinations.

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