Restaurant opens at glass bottomed bridge in china

Would YOU dare to eat there? Restaurant opens on a terrifying glass-bottomed walkway at 1,000ft high

Most of us like a meal with a sweeping view, but when your dining table is set up on a transparent footpath attached to a cliff, that might be a different story.

A Chinese scenic spot has just opened a new restaurant on a vertigo-defying see-through walkway.

About the Place- There is a 3,00m long glass bridge over a canyon.

Brave Man Bridge (Haohan Bridge) is a 300-meter-long (984 feet) glass drawbridge, and it is 180-meters (591 feet) above the ground at this national park in south central Hunan province. It is the first fully-transparent glass drawbridge in the world.

Wine, dessert and afternoon tea are served on the terrifying platform suspended at nearly 1,000 feet high in the Shiniuzhai National Park of Yueyang city


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