KidZania ​joins hands with the Parsi community to celebrate ​its​ third anniversary

Adding a different touch to their 3rd anniversary celebrations, KidZania Mumbai (a global indoor theme park) has joined hands with the Parsi Community to extend love and support to two Parsi NGO’s – Ahura Support and F.S. Parukh Dharamshala (run by the Bombay Parsi Panchayat). With invites in the form of cupcakes, this initiative has been specially curated by CounZil kids (a team of member children of KidZania who actively take part in all the activities and decision making at KidZania).

Event Highlights:

•The kids of Ahura Support, who are afflicted with Autism, have been specially invited to experience KidZania next week as part of the celebrations to enjoy this little magic world and experience a wide host of activities at KidZania! A unique session is being organized for special children where KidZania will create an environment full of entertainment and fun. Kids can enter the kitchen and whip up these easy cupcakes and explore various other professions such as that of a director, fashion designer, RJ, DJ, anchor, dancer, artist, and even a dabbawala! It is not only a fantastic opportunity for children to bond but it also gives them an opportunity to develop a rich learning environment and can explore their creativity, decision-making skills, problem solving and social values.

•KidZania Mumbai will also take this opportunity to celebrate their 3rd Anniversary and share the joy with the old age home at the F.S. Parukh Dharamshala by sending 100 customized cupcakes to relive their childhood memories.

KidZania Mumbai is built like a city spread across 75,000 sq. ft. where children can independently explore and choose to role-play from 100+ exciting careers like pilot, surgeon, RJ, chef, fire-fighter among many more. KidZania emulates the workings of a city complete with a functioning economy and its own currency. Each experience is designed to empower kids, giving them the confidence to be their best selves, and inspiration to be great global citizens.


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