KALKI UNVEILS ‘Brid​e ​& Baraat’

KALKI unveiled Bride & Baraat Couture line at the Santacruz store in this week.



This splendid creation by KALKI is crafted from the finest materials, surface ornamentation, and an aesthetic sensibility to rediscover the experience of wedding fashion. Inspired by the regal origins & concepts, KALKI’s new range uncovers the Italian Romance.

The Bride who likes to breakaway & the Baraat that sets the trend, KALKI’s Bride and Baraat Collection is the way to go.


This exclusive couture collection is a mélange of signature designs, trousseau and occasion wear ensembles for the Bride and Family.


About the Collection

The Starry Sky inspired collection, CARINA, envelopes ensemble embellished with pearls, sequins and beads which shine through and reflects your inner sparkle.

The PARADISO, a timeless collection, defined by exquisite floral motifs embroidered with utmost love & affection for the woman who finds her core admits the heavenly gardens of nature.


The Queen of hearts, her highness, she loves the flair & the grandeur. EMPRESS, a bespoke creation delves into worlds of fantasy and fiction for the princess who is blown by the idea of luxury & noblesse.


A woman who adores the grace of royal narratives & her traditional roots, she conspires for the LUXE ROYALE, a conception jeweled with traditional motifs, silhouettes, hues & fabrics.


Born in Mumbai, India in 2007, KALKI evokes the very spirit of the city it was founded in. An upstart, innovative, and dynamic brand – KALKI – offers the best of contemporary, ethnic Indian fashion and fusion-wear styles. Staying true to the brand’s unique promise of premium and wearable fashion, KALKI unveils fresh collections and all-new designs throughout the fashion calendar. KALKI’s design and aesthetic sensibility seeks inspiration from all walks of life – be it haute couture trends and forecasts from fashion destinations across the globe to the homebound handloom traditions of India.


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