Amalgamation of Cultures of the World at VIBGYOR Kids, Borivali

VIBGYOR Kids Borivali, the pre-primary section of VIBGYOR High Group of Schools, created a unique platform for students to demonstrate multiculturalism. The school organised World Fiesta today, for their students and parents, marking the culmination of the students’ study about different countries of the world.

World Fiesta is a part of an integrated and experiential learning programme of VIBGYOR Kids. A total of around 152 students with 300 parents actively participated in the event, where students presented their skills through poem recitation and dance performances depicting cultures, attire, significance and lifestyle of different countries like India, Mexico and Japan.

Children also got a chance to host a quiz round for their parents. Food stalls with cuisine from different regions such as India, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Japan were set. The fund collected through the food sale will be further donated to an NGO.children-representing-japan-at-world-fiesta-in-vibgyor-kids-borivali

Ms. Diana Isabel, Principal, VIBGYOR Kids, Borivali said, “At VIBGYOR Kids, we encourage children to discover the fun of learning in an attractive, colourful and enriching learning environment. World Fiesta is one such attempt that allows children to strengthen their classroom learning through fascinating activities.”

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