TEDx Hyderabad and Infosys Collaborate to Organize TEDx Event in Hyderabad

 Infosys, through its strategic partnership with TED, is presenting TEDx Anchor Program in India. The TEDx Anchor Program consists of independently organized events that inspire communities to discuss large ideas on a wide range of subjects – education, health, science, design, technology, entertainment and more. TEDxBangalore, the first of the 14-city pilot in India, was held at Infosys Bangalore in May 2016 and was attended by people from various walks of life who were inspired by enterprising speakers. TEDxHyderabad will be second TEDx Event to be presented under the TEDx Anchor Program series.


TEDxHyderabad will take place on September 25, 2016 at Sandhya Convention by Nimantran, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. This event has been organized with the core narrative revolving around Crafting Our Future. A stellar line-up of 13 speakers from varied backgrounds including politics, sports, film making, music and technology will keep the audience enticed through the day-long program.


The company also leveraged this opportunity to connect with the student community of 12 recruitment partnering institutions in Hyderabad through contests to win free passes for the event. Apart from these initiatives, a nature walk was arranged for more than 300+ TEDx community members in the Infosys Gachibowli campus to be part of an evening of networking, curation, and fun. The attendees got an opportunity to listen to Hyderabad DC’s efforts towards sustainability, eco-friendly practices, waste management, and what Infosys truly stands for as an organization

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