India City Walks introduces Pay-What-You-Like Walking Tours in Shahjahanabad

India City Walks, an award-winning brand which offers curated tours, has introduced Pay-What-You-Like tours in Shahjahanabad. The idea behind this is to offer experiential tours for all kind of travellers and residents.

Pay-What-You-Like tour is an innovative walking tour which allows customers to name their own price for the walking tour after having experienced it first.

The Pay-What-You-Like Tour will be extended to other Indian cities as well by next year.

“We love to do things differently and the objective of this model is to showcase Delhi in an enriching new light, through the eyes of passionate city specialists who love exploring Old Delhi’s alleys and know this history and culture of the capital city like the back of their hand. We possess in-depth knowledge of the city’s historical and social developments over the ages and each tour is designed to let you make the most of you time, making the break from your hectic schedules memorable and worthwhile,” said Sachin Bansal, Founder and Chief Explorer, India City Walks.

“There’s a history in each neighborhood, nook and corner of Old Delhi that doesn’t gather dust but tells tales of Maharajas and dargahs, of gory battles fought and won and valiant warriors with perfumed tresses. Explore these tales of a glorious city and a history that doesn’t need to be revived and is very much alive in the bustling cultural fabric of Shahjahanabad. Rediscover your city through our passionate eyes and rich local perspective on walking tours that will uncover new facets of Old Delhi. Discover the warmth of Old Delhi and meet and greet this heritage city, the traditional Indian way,” said Nidhi Bansal,Co-Founder, India City Walks.

Sachin Bansal further said: “Old Delhi has some fantastic history and architecture to admire, and some colorful stories of local historical figures to go with it! Pay-What-You-Like Walking Tours will offer fascinating ways of discovering more about the town’s history and surrounding area. The tours will be led by India City Walks experts and will support our atithi devo bhava philosophy, enabling clients to witness living traditions, genuine community spirit and lively events driven by local people that are energising alive and kicking. Our tours offer a wealth of explorative opportunities with a team of Old Delhi specialists who are city explorers and possess inside knowledge and passion for Old Delhi and its cultural fabric. Our walking tours grew out of a love for the area in which we live and a desire to share our passion by showcasing the real Delhi – from a local’s perspective. We are proud innovators of the Pay-What-You-Like Walking Tours and the first to win two National Tourism Awards for the Best Heritage Walks in India.”

About India City Walks

India City Walks, a two-time national tourism award-winning brand, offers curated tours that draw upon history, archaeology, art history, food history, urban planning, and environmental science. Its tours showcase both the historical and contemporary facets of different cities in India. India City Walks offers packages for both domestic as well as international clients. These tours combine places of interest, insights into the city’s myths and legends, and offer plenty of opportunities to capture precious moments. Corporate and groups tour offer orientation events for new hires, and relocating firms or employees. Walking tours are great for team building, special events, and entertaining clients.

Founded by Sachin Bansal and Nidhi Bansal, both veterans in the hospitality, tourism and corporate fields, India City Walks creates unique itineraries for its vast network of clients which include ambassadors, ministers, CEOs, residents and travellers etc.

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