Future Consumer launches Oats brand Kosh™ as India’s third grain

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Future Consumer Ltd (FCL), a part of Future Group, launched India’s much awaited third staple Oats brand, Kosh™ in the city today. Kosh oats has been introduced with the objective of making India adopt Oats as the 3rd grain post staple rice and wheat. With Kosh, India will soon witness a change in the way oats is consumed and sold in the country.

Launched by FCL, Kosh oats have four product variants – Kosh Instant Oats, Kosh Broken Oats, Kosh Oats Atta and Kosh Wheat + Oats Atta. Kosh oats is different from any other brand of oats. Unlike any other brand, Kosh views the consumer through the lens of Indian-ness and accordingly presents a range of products that delivers Indian Food.

Speaking on the occasion, Kishore Biyani, Group CEO at Future Group, said “At Future Group, we believe in evolving with the changing consumption patterns. The launch of Kosh Oats is such an attempt to set a trend in the food space by introducing it as the third grain of India. Oats has always been introduced as a breakfast item. With Kosh, we strive to change that and make it India’s third grain that can be used in every meal right from starters to the desserts.”

Grown and sourced from Australia, Kosh is processed at state of the art processing & packing facility at Srilanka. Future Consumer has made a significant investment in oats processing plant called “Aussie Oats Milling Pvt Ltd”. This is a fully automated facility and has minimum human intervention / contact & thus maintains highest levels of hygiene & quality.

Kosh will be distributed extensively through various modern retail stores across India. It will also be distributed through general trade in 12 key cities to begin with and go national in the coming months. The advertising campaign of Kosh has been designed with Piyush Pandey and his team at Ogilvy & Mather. The campaign is largely focused on making people aware about Oats as a grain and taking it to the centre of the plate.

Piyush Pandey, Executive Chairman & Creative Director, O&M India and South Asia commented on the campaign saying, “We always believe that something which is healthy may not be very tasty and something which is tasty may not be very healthy. When I actually ate various dishes made out of Kosh, I myself could not believe that oats could be so tasty. Kosh means treasure and this Kosh is the treasure of good health. That is why when we designed the communication for Kosh it was all about its health benefits, its versatility and range”. The campaign breaks in print, electronic and digital media from today.

The unveiling of Kosh was followed by a panel discussion with experts from the food industry discussing the various importance of oats. The panel, moderated by Rajeshree Naik, Co-founder at PING Network, consisted of Kishore Biyani – Group CEO at Future Group, Milind Sarwate – Founder & CEO at Increate Value Advisors LLP, Celebrity Chef Vicky Ratnani and Nutritionist Kavita Devgan.

KOSH Oats product details

KOSH (TM) INSTANT OATS are made out of rolled oats dried and pressed into thin flakes. Kosh Instant Oats is 100% natural product just like rice poha. The consumers are currently acquainted with oats in this form. Kosh Instant oats is easy & fast to cook – takes only 3-4 mins. The array of delicacies made out of Kosh Instant Oats are Ladoo, Idli, Upma, Poha, Chivda, Dahi Vada, Barfi, Halwa and much more. It is a good resource of Fibre especially Beta-Clucan, which helps is keeping tummy healthy. With shelf life of 12 months the variant comes in two packagings; 500g Pouch priced at Rs.89, 1kg Pouch priced at Rs.170

KOSHTM BROKEN OATS are whole oat grains simply cut into smaller tukdas/pieces for a full, hearty texture & rich nutty taste. The process is called “steel cut” oats. . Kosh Broken Oats is 100% Natural product just like tukda rice grain. This is the closest to selling Oats as a grain and cooks in exactly the same time as regular rice grain. Kosh Broken oats can be cooked in about 20-25 mins. One can make palatable Khichdi, Bissibele bhat, Biryani, Phirni, Kheer, Payasam and can be incorporated in all rice based dishes. Kosh Broken Oats is a good resource of Fibre especially Beta-Clucan, which helps is keeping tummy healthy. With shelf life of 12 months the variant comes in two packagings; 500g Pouch priced at Rs.89, 1kg Pouch priced at Rs.170

KOSHTM OATS ATTA is 100% pure oats – ground into fine flour. Kosh Oats Atta is 100% Natural product just like any other grain atta. Oats Atta can be added to fortify any grain flour or batter to prepare various dishes to get benefits of oats in it. Oats aata can be added to wheat atta in 1:3 ratio to make Rotis. Dishes you can make by adding Oats Atta to existing recipes are Roti, Cheela, Bhakri, Dosa, Paratha, Dhokla and many more. Shelf life of this atta is 6 months and comes in two packaging; 500g Pouch priced at Rs.89, 1kg Pouch Rs.170kosh

KOSHTM WHEAT+OATS ATTA is a blend of MP Sharbati wheat atta with KOSH Oats Atta. This format will play in the multigrain atta segment. The blend is made with Wheat Atta (90%): Oats Atta (10%) ratio. This has benefits of wheat & oats and can be used daily. The cooking time for this atta remains the same as any other multigrain atta. It can be used to make yummy Rotis, Parathas & a variety of Indian breads, and also sweet dishes like laddoo, can be given as pre-natal food to pregnant / lactating mothers. Shelf life: 4 months; packaging of 1kg Pouch priced at Rs.62 and 5kg Pouch priced at Rs.270.

About Future Consumer Ltd

Future Consumer Limited (FCL), a part of the Future Group, operates in the Food and FMCG space with 27 brands in over 65 categories. FCL is constantly expanding its already existing vast portfolio of established Food & FMCG brands. Currently it caters to various categories such as Basic Foods, Ready to Eat Meals, Snacks, Beverages, Personal Hygiene Care and Home Care. FCL has also set up India Food Park at Tumkur, Karnataka in partnership with the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India. Spread in 110 acres of land, this state-of-the-art food park facilitates end-to-end food processing along the value chain (grading, sorting, pulping, packaging & distribution) from the farm to the market.

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