Khadi & Village Industries Commission & Raymond launch India’s First Branded Khadi Label

Khadi & Village Industries Commission, Ministry of MSME, Government of India inked an exclusive partnership with Raymond Ltd, India’s leading Textile & Apparel Company. This first of its kind initiative explores synergies between two iconic Indian brands that boast of Make in India legacy and represents the rich cultural heritages of India. In the august presence of Shri Vinai Kumar Saxena, Chairman KVIC Shri Gautam Hari Singhania, Chairman & Managing Director, Raymond Ltd., the agreement was signed by Ms. Usha Suresh, CEO, KVIC and Mr. Sanjay Behl, CEO Raymond Ltd.

This will be a big leap for KVIC having accredited Raymond to use the ‘Khadi Mark’. Speaking on this partnership, KVIC Chairman V.K. Saxena said, “Inking an agreement with Raymond for value added marketing of Khadi is an act of integrating rural industry with urban industry, which in other words is the socio-economic unity of nation’s creative diversity. This is a historic agreement where a major fabric producer like Raymond will promote Khadi. In line with the Prime Minister’s vision, this agreement is going to bridge the urban-rural divide. The best of India’s minds and resources should work for the poorest and rural have-nots. This therefore is a humble gesture of KVIC in this direction.”

Reckoned as ‘Fabric of the Nation’, Khadi is a symbol of self – sufficiency and independence that played a major role during the freedom struggle of India is a standing testimony to the nation’s economic liberty and dignity. Commenting on the association, Gautam Hari Singhania, said, “In the Indian context, spinning charkha has always been a symbol of self-reliance & it gives me an immense pleasure as Raymond now has Khadi – a true Indian fabric as a part of its product portfolio. In our quest to remain committed towards ‘Make in India’ initiative and aligned with Honorable Prime Minister’s vision for Khadi, this is a defining moment as this association with KVIC will create multiple employment opportunities and will empower the artisans, especially women in rural India.”

This initiative is conceptualized under KVIC Act that permits it to promote the sale and marketing of Khadi or products of village industries or handicrafts and forge links with established marketing agencies through the PPP mode. Under this convergence, Raymond has agreed for a guaranteed minimum procurement of Khadi and Khadi products for a period of 5 years with primary purchases of muslin cotton and silk.

Signing of MOU between Raymond Ltd. & KVIC
Signing of MOU between Raymond Ltd. & KVIC

Branded as ‘Khadi by Raymond’, a mélange of Indian ethos and latest trends is sure to position Khadi as a viable fashion fabric. As a part of this strategic association, Raymond will also bring in the design interventions at Khadi manufacturing clusters across the country along with providing technical expertise. Additionally, Raymond will procure all India Khadi varieties from departmental sales outlets of KVIC for OTC sales as well as crafting readymade garments for its apparel brands.

Elaborating on this strategic initiative;

Usha Suresh, CEO KVIC said, “KVIC is committed to the cause of enriching the livelihood of its khadi artisans. It has taken several steps for improving marketing of khadi products including the introduction of the Khadi Mark. All genuine khadi products shall bear the Khadi Mark. To promote khadi as a global and a fashionable fabric, this partnership with Raymond will provide khadi a niche among the fashion conscious global Indian who is also a genuine lover of hand spun fabric.”

In line with the Hon. Prime Minister’s vision of promoting ‘Khadi for Fashion’, this initiative will ensure that Khadi is positioned as a fabric of choice through multiple communications and promotions reaching out to the discerning consumer. Additionally, Khadi Logo will be displayed inside the Raymond stores through visual merchandising, where Khadi products are displayed. Currently, Khadi is being marketed by Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan’s stores as well as through the sales outlets run by the institutions financed by KVIC and KVIB.

Khadi Mark certificate being given to Raymond Ltd. by KVIC
Khadi Mark certificate being given to Raymond Ltd. by KVIC

During the occasion of signing this agreement, Sanjay Behl said, “There is an evolving trend of customer’s preference shifting towards natural fibers over synthetic blends. Khadi is a perfect solution offering the widest array of natural fibers, which are also hand spun and hand woven. With this association, it is our endeavor to position Khadi by Raymond as a true Indian fashion fabric globally. Raymond will offer a wide array of fabric blends and garments spanning across Khadi suits, jackets, shirts and trousers, in line with international design and quality trends.”

Khadi by Raymond products will be available at KVIC outlets, The Raymond Shops across India and leading ecommerce portals.

On this occasion Mr. Gautam Hari Singhania donated charkhas for project Sahyog, whereby unemployed spinner women are provided with livelihood opportunities by KVIC.

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