SHAH RUKH KHAN – POONAM MAHAJAN LAUNCH Rouble Nagi’s #Bandra Sculpture


Hashtag is a beacon of sorts, finding its way into the Oxford Dictionary three years ago, due to its popularity. Now, Hashtag is immortalized in a sculpture to symbolize the trending hub of Bandra, and is the first hashtag public art installation in Maharashtra.


Who else would be perfect to unveil Rouble Nagi’s #Bandra sculpture than superstar and Bandraite Shah Rukh Khan, with Poonam Mahajan (MP – Mumbai North Central and Mumbai Youth Forum. The dynamic duo launched the #BANDRA sculpture by artist-social activist Rouble Nagi at Bandra Reclamation.


Says Rouble Nagi on the thought behind the #Bandra sculpture, “As an artist I feel that # (hashtag) is “really a movement” and has been so since a while now. The hope is that the hashtag will inspire action and serve as a springboard that people can use to launch themselves from online conversation to real-world action.  In a way, the hashtag becomes a symbol of empowerment… it creates an opportunity for sustained engagement and makes sure that governmental organizations know it and inspire further action. Hence #Bandra.”


And what could be more appropriate than SRK inaugurating the #Bandra sculpture adorning the trending flyover, sharing space with the street art of Dadasaheb Phalke looking as lovingly at the film reel in this digital era… Surely, a moment of time worth capturing in frozen frames!

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