CuroCarte- A Luxury Start Up – Ecommerce Venture by Ananya Birla

CuroCarte, a luxury ecommerce venture by Ananya Birla.


About the Company:

With design and craftsmanship at its core, CuroCarte founded by Ananya Birla, redefines luxury through design intervention on rare crafts to create elegant and contemporary lifestyle decor. Their in-house team of designers collaborate with craftsmen from around the world and India to design a repertoire of resplendent handcrafted pieces that are truly inspiring and imbued with love.

From wall décor and kitchenware to lighting and vases, CuroCarte uses an interesting array of highest quality materials like stone, wood, porcelain, bamboo, silk and ceramics in its creations. With each piece unfolding a unique story of imagination and love, CuroCarte makes an ideal gifting choice for connoisseurs of tasteful living. Choose from the vivid collection of murals, wine holders, wall art, lamps and bowls that make unforgettable gifts for various occasions.


Quote by Kanupriya Verma the COO of CuroCarte


“We Celebrate Craftmanship. In today’s time, where most things are manufactured, handmade is an absolute luxury. Our aim is to design and curate the finest quality, handcrafted pieces from around the world and style it for a 21st century aesthetic. Indian heritage is our strength and at CuroCarte, we showcase our Indian craft locally, and plan to take it globally in our next chapter – using the convenience of technology as its platform.”


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