Hrithik Roshan Celebrates ‘Kaabil’ with Dicitex Furnishings

 Dicitex Furnishings has teamed up yet again with the ever so charming Hrithik Roshan and his new movie Kaabil, to showcase its world of luxury & splendour. This reputable furnishing brand has created an on-screen decor that displays a beautiful imagery of love in all its grandeur, resonating with your inner romantic. 

Hrithik and Yami find perfect companionship in the subtle & aesthetic elements of the set design that helps shape the atmosphere of the movie. Their romance blends perfectly with the elegance of their home as shown in the movie. Be it the exquisite upholstery, beautifully embroidered curtains, alluring bedding or sophisticated wallpapers, opulence reflects in everything. 

Premium fabrics like the Radiant, Supreme & Panache collections set a heart-warming tone that define the pure bond between the lead actors. The chemistry they shared was unparalleled and DCtex served as the perfect backdrop for their blooming love. 

(L-R) Nimish Arora – MD Dicitex Furnishing, Actor Ronit Roy & Rajjnish Arora – VC Dicitex Furnishing
(L-R) Nimish Arora – MD Dicitex Furnishing, Actor Ronit Roy & Rajjnish Arora – VC Dicitex Furnishing

A special screening was organised for DCtex retailers, friends and family that was well received with positive reviews. They seemed simply enthralled by the love saga and seeing glimpses of Dicitex Furnishings products only added to the allure.

It was a night that appealed to all, the bond between the DCtex Team and the multi-talented Hrithik Roshan is growing stronger and we look forward to their next venture.   

Hrithik Roshan “Thank you to the Aroraa family and DCtex team for being the best and for supporting me and Kaabil wholeheartedly!” 

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