Zee Digital brightens the New Year spirit among children

2017 is almost a month old while most of us are still trying to settle on a resolution! In the spirit of this New Year, Zee Digital’s lifestyle channel Make My Day resolved to start something new through a unique approach to the tried and tested Street Social Experiment. For anyone who believes in charity, will know the importance of every donation made to not-for-profit and charitable organisations supporting humans in need. What may have been old, unused property once is given a new life in the hands of those who need them the most. Ever imagined the value of something new! With this thought in mind and the help of two highly enthusiastic hosts – Kajol Tyagi & Lakshay Marula, Make My Day crew hit the streets of Mumbai in the hope of proving that the people of this fast paced city continue to have a heart! MMD decided to go all out and convince the good people of Mumbai to show some love and instead of something old, donate something new! A task which seemed quite daunting at first turned into one of the most wonderful experiences for the hosts as well as the crew – with the teams collecting over 15kgs of brand new goodies, donated with nothing but love and good wishes. The gifts collected were personally distributed between kids belonging to a special needs home. Their reactions are a sight to behold and a joy not to be missed!

For more, watch the video here: https://youtu.be/i5J1KAOva4w


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