Shiv Sena will be wiped out in BMC polls for its ‘sins’: Dr (Prof) Sanskruti Rajhans

Escalating attach against Shiv Sena, the Congress party today said that there is an anti-Shiv Sena storm brewing in Mumbai and it would intensify into a tsunami, which the party would not be able to survive in the ensuing Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) elections.

“There are just two weeks to the BMC polls and there is already a storm brewing against Shiv Sena. On February 23, when the results will be declared Shiv Sena won’t be able to survive it. They (Shiv Sena) will be wiped out because of its sins and people have realised that it was the root cause of putting India’s financial capital in sheer shambles,” said Dr (Prof) Sanskruti, Women’s President – Sahakar Cell (Kandivali West), Congress Party.

Dr Rajhans said that Shiv Sena is shrinking since 1997, when it had 103 seats in the BMC and today is down at 75, losing its vote share and said that their leaders are losing their hold in their constituencies. She expressed extreme confident of Congress’ victory in the ensuing BMC elections. “The Sena was defeated in many constituencies; it failed to save deposits of the several leaders even in their stronghold bastions. We (Congress) will win the BMC elections with thumping majority and we are expecting to win 130-140 seats out of 227 seats,” said Dr Rajhans, who hold a PhD in Hindi literature.

Dr Rajhans is fighting from Ward No 19 in Charkop, Kandivali West, which has been a Shiv Sena stronghold for the last 25 years. There are a total of 42,934 voters – 23,357 (males) and 19,577 (females) – in Ward No 19, which will franchise their vote on February 21.

She claimed that there is tremendous enthusiasm among the people at the Congress’ rallies; Dr Rajhans maintained everyone knows about the rampant corruption and several scams in BMC under Shiv Sena’s regime. “What development work they have done in the last 25 years? And now, they have the audacity put up posters and hoardings with a question in Marathi, Hindi and English stating “Did you know?” across the city,” she questioned.


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