Radhika Jain launches her Jewellery line ‘MiRA’ in Mumbai

MiRA’ by Radhika Jain a versatile designer from Kolkata will be launching its magnificent jewellery line in Mumbai at Fuel Store in the coming week.

The theme for the collection is ‘Jardin d’Eden’ (Garden of Eden), which features an array of bespoke pieces, from stunning pendants to precious-stone necklaces, signature bracelets and earrings, making it perfect for any occasion. The designer has used hand crafted fibres with metallic elements and like the original Garden of Eden, it aims to be the guilty pleasure for every woman.

Radhika’s designs specialize in creating handcrafted Fashion Accessories and Silver Artifacts.  Her design brief is elegance and luxury. Each hand-crafted piece makes a treasured keepsake that can be handed down through generations. They also engage in custom work and provide consulting and design services. Her designs are meant for the women of today who aspire to be independent, creative and at the same time deeply feminine.  It is her fierce desire to revive the dying handicrafts of Bengal and take them international.som_5679

Designer Radhika Jain who has been designing jewellery for more than 7 years feels, “My creations are mix of the past, present and future with impeccable taste and representing the traditions of art craft with a post modern approach. My every piece of jewellery is representing Indian art and culture”


The creative force behind the jewellery brand MiRA is Radhika Jain, a successful and pre-eminent creative-entrepreneur and socialite.  Apart from her eponymous store in Sarat Bose Road , Kolkata MiRA also retails from Fuel – Mumbai (since 2014), Sasya– Kolkata, Hyderabad (since 2012), Simaaya – Kolkata (since 2010), Evoluzione – Chennai (Since 2010) Delhi (Since 2016), Kimaya – Mumbai, Dubai, Chennai (Since 2009), Also – Hyderabad (Since 2009) and Elan– Ahmedabad (2009 – 2012).


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