Tata Motors unveils special editions and TAMO’s debut opener with a ‘Happy Finish’ at Geneva Motor Show 2017

In its second year of association, Happy Finish India proudly announces its affiliation with Tata Motors in creating stunning CGI still-imagery for the unveiling that took place at the 87th Geneva International Motor Show this month.


After a successful revamp of the SUV segment with the launch of Tata Hexa, Happy Finish India continues to help Tata Motors reflect in its embrace with the evolving nature of today’s technological course. The visually-fitting, ultra-futuristic and high-performance traits of Tata Motors’ new avatar is witnessing a by and large acknowledgement by consumers worldwide. The Tiago representation also helps support this statement as it adopts the ‘Impact’ design mainframe while Hexa welcomed a refurbished form factor to Tata Motors product line-up.


On the association, Ashish Limaye, CEO APAC, Happy Finish, remarked that “It is a great pleasure to associate with Tata Motors on this prestigious hour. Tata Motors is transitioning into the digital age, and this serves as a revolutionary step for the Indian automotive industry. The retouching and CG team have been extremely efficient in producing the best possible representation of the TAMO debut and Special editions. Our collective work within strict NDA and adherence to timelines and quality benchmarks was a tough balancing act, but I believe in our team who could pull off this challenging assignment. Indeed this project has made us reassert our capabilities to compete with other markets.”


Pushan Chakravarty, Creative Director, Happy Finish India, commented, “It’s a bit rare to contribute to an automotive marketing campaign where the stunning cars look to be perfectly made for swashbuckling car chases in a James Bond film. With every creative thought you can feel the adrenaline rush in your head, and your fingers itch to leave the ‘mouse’ and get a firm grip behind the wheel. It was an honour to be a part of the TAMO launch campaign and the speed at which the Happy Finish team worked was no less than the speed these cars promise. A big thank you to the Tata team for their constant support and I hope the journey continues.”


Pratap Bose, Head of Design at Tata Motors, TAMO, thanked Ashish Limaye and his team at Happy Finish India personally, stating the images were striking and being very well received at their showcase at the 87th Geneva Motor Show.


The Nexon, which will be available for retail by late 2017, is designed to portray an agile and powerful appeal. Its dual tone exterior color scheme reflects a sense of balance between design and performance. The CGI stills are first-level endorsers of a car’s representation. And hence play a crucial role in consumer expectations. Furthermore, the Tata Nexon is mapped with new design elements which accentuate the innovative motive of the ‘Impact’ design philosophy preceded by the Tiago and Tigor.


TAMO, which is Tata Motors’ venture towards future-ready innovations, imbibes the aggressive and high-performance value that today’s technology-driven age paces on. The sub-brand’s debut


RACEMO is directed toward an adventurous and young consumer segment that is specially equipped with futuristic mobility. Hence its visual representation as a race car reflects the track-ready opportunity for consumers to experience thrill, power and style; a first-of-its-kind attempt to enter the high-performance market. The RACEMO comes in two variants – RACEMO and RACEMO+, the latter which sports more vents, an adjustable front splitter, and a massive wing adjoining to the rear half of the car.

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