BigBrotherNutra Care Pvt. Ltd. launches First-of-its-kind Nutraceutical Product for Menopausal Women in India


Menopause is the second phase of every woman’s life. Around this time ovaries cease to function, since the estrogen and progesterone (hormones) are not produced in adequate amounts resulting in stoppage of the normally experienced menstrual cycles by females. As a result, the women around, and post-menopause could suffer from various symptoms, and also are prone to the consequences of depletion of the two hormones which could be reflected as ill-health in later years.


FreeLady–REGANEis the first-ever elaborate nutraceutical product in Indian market for supplementation during menopause. An enriching health supplement containing natural ingredients, FreeLady–REGANE provides all that is required for facing the many menopausal disturbances and consequences. FreeLady -REGANE ensures optimal quantities of each of its ingredients,including eliminating the need of additional calcium which is commonly consumed by 40+ women. The main ingredient of FreeLady-REGANEareisoflavones, phytoestrogensthat are derived from soybeans.

The product was jointly unveiled by Ms PreintyZinta and Ms Neelakshi Singh Sharma, manager corporate affairs, BigBrotherNutra Care Pvt Ltd. To build up the crescendo there was a unique fusion jugalbandi by famed artists Viraj Amar, Sangeeta Shankar, SukanyaRamgopal, Ishira Parikh and Anuradha Pal.

The launch was addressed by Mr Greesh Kumar Juneja, Chairman & CEO – BigBrotherNutra Care Pvt. Ltd.MrGreesh Kumar Juneja, a qualified MBA, is a first generation entrepreneur with over 18 years expertise of marketing and sales in the pharmaceutical industry. He is also Co-Founder & Director of BestoChem Formulations Pvt. Ltd. and the empowering force behind the creation ofBigBrotherNutra Care. He has embarked upon a mission to provide to the Indian consumer more empowering Health Supplements in coming years for fostering positive health. Recognising the need for effective and safe product for menopausal women, Mr Greesh Kumar Juneja has sown the seeds of FreeLady–Regane, to ensure wellbeing of women’s – A great initiative towards female welfare.

Dr R K Sanghavithereafter explained why the neglected menopause phase needs to be addressed more positively for long-term well-being of females. Dr R K Sanghavi is aSpecialist -Nutraceuticals, having been associated with such products since near three decades and has practically pioneered the Health Supplement vertical in India. Being a practicing Clinicianas well as Chairman, Nutraceutical& Medical Committees of IDMA (Indian Drug Manufacturers’ Association), Dr R K Sanghavi blends illness gaps with Healthcare industry possibilities and FreeLady–REGANE is one such shining example.


Ms Preity Zinta has always supported causes related to Women’sHealth and Women’sRights and with FreeLady–REGANE it would be endeavour to promote positive health in 40+ women. Ms Zinta explained to the media the relevance of smooth sailing post menopuase required in today’s context and need of suitable supplements facilitate the same.


About BestoChem Formulations

BestoChem Formulations, the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in India is committed to deliver healthcare solutions to patients, partners and healthcare systems all over the country. Formed in 1994 under the entrepreneurial vision of Mr. GreeshJuneja& Mr. Vijay Prakash, it has a Pan India presence with more than 60,000 clinicians catered to and spread across multi-specialties. Bestochem is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with over 800 plus work force across the country and has been providing best quality medicines from the last 22years.


BigBrotherNutra Care Pvt. Ltd., a nutraceutical division of BestoChem Formulations Pvt. Ltd., has been formed to provide close to natural options and distinctive preventive measures by launching Health Supplements (Nutraceuticals) in key healthcare concern areas from March 2017 onwards.

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