Cleartrip’s latest off-beat campaign lets you be in the pilot seat and take 40 people to Goa. All for free.

Holidays offer you the perfect opportunity to take a break from your hectic schedule and bring several opportunities to socialise. And what better way to spend time with your own folks that too on an all-expense paid trip?

Cleartrip is known for its unique approach to people engagement by making its campaigns quirky, fun and away from mundane. In its latest campaign Cleartrip is offering players a trip to Goa for not one or two people but a whole group of 41! Just take the pilot seat, invite your friends to join via Facebook or e-mail and once they confirm, you are eligible to take-off.

Breaking away from the routine ideas, the entire contest interface makes you feel in command, with the pilot seat reserved for the initiating player. The rest of the seats are arranged similar to how you would find on a plane. True to Cleartrip way, the game interface is intuitive and picks relevant data from the person’s profile, taking away the need of filling annoyingly long forms or sharing personal information.

“ ‘The Flight Takeover’ is an engagement driven, participative contest where everyone can join, irrespective of whether one is a Cleartrip user or not. There is no need to buy any Cleartrip product, or make your friends signup as a customer. All you need is the will to participate and a close-knit group of folks wanting to party in Goa.

Group travel gives you a unique chance to bond. You can share your adventures and experiences with one another, making the holiday more fun and more memorable. We are excited about how the contest interface has shaped up and are hoping will catch on quickly, given the ease, experience and rewards. The winning team will get a total sum of Rs.10 Lakhs to plan their trip. With Cleartrip’s most comprehensive travel solution, being able to use the prize money for not just to book travel and stay but also things-to-do in Goa is a breeze.”

– Ashish Dhruva, AVP Marketing, Cleartrip

The contest is about being creative when it comes to getting the seats filled. The group could range from friends yearning for a school reunion, to an extended family trip, to a college batch wanting to bid a memorable farewell to one another. An all ladies gang in for some holiday time or a team whose offsite idea was turned down due to budget constraints can also buckle-up. Creativity is the only limit.

‘The Flight Takeover’ contest has gone live on 23rd March, 2017. Participants may enter the contest by creating an account on The contest closes on 6th April.

During the contest lucky draws and sweepstakes will also be announced regularly. The campaign focuses on letting users experience the comprehensiveness of the Cleartrip app that lets you plan your travel end to end.

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