ChuChu TV police episode garners record breaking viewership of 10 million in 4 days

ChuChu TV, the number one kids YouTube channel in India and Asia Pacific today announced that its latest addition of the Police series titled ‘ChuChu TV Police – The Train Escape (’ has hit a staggering milestone of around 10 million views in 4 days. In fact it got 4 million views on day of launch which took the video to Top 50 Trending videos worldwide. The fact that the ChuChu TV police franchisee has done so well can be accounted for the fact that the Police series videos tell a action oriented story of rounding up the bad guys who come in the way of a toy donation drive or steal the pets of kids, simplistically yet beautifully without resorting to any violence. The Police spin off is a very fresh perspective on the ChuChu TV characters as they set off on a chase to round up the thieves. Moreover, the plot does not involve any super heroes or super powers, reiterating the fact that it’s possible for everyone to rise to the occasion and help others. This kind of realistic setting, simple writing, positive messaging, signature music are trademark of ChuChu TV and resonates deeply with kids and parents, caregivers, not just in India, but across the world. The First 6 episodes of the ChuChu TV Police series have garnered around 218 Million views in just 6 months.

Just recently the company had announced a strategic partnership with Amazon Prime Video as their content partner. The Chennai based kids content creator infuses nursery rhymes, original educational songs, fun learning videos, bedtime stories and comedy shows for kids aged between 0-6. With its fresh content and relatable characters, ChuChu TV’s content has had an excellent reception around the world.

Speaking on the occasion Vinoth Chandar, Founder, CEO and Creative Director of ChuChu TV said “ The thing that stands apart in the Police videos is the fact that these set of videos seamlessly deliver the concept of the joy of sharing, team effort, positive attitude, with all the action and adventure and without an iota of violence. Parents also are quite sensitive to what their kids watch and we felt it is imperative to showcase all the excitement without violence, which this particular set of videos is a great example of. Virtues such as instilling positivity, team work, non -violent learning are universal and hence the popularity of this series is evidence to that. We are quite ecstatic the way it’s been received overall with our target group and it encourages us to continue doing great work.”

ChuChu TV is one of the largest YouTube Kids content creator with over 10 million subscribers and over 10 billion total views across their channels in YouTube. They also provide ad-free uninterrupted content on Amazon Prime Video since March making them one of the few content providers on multiple channels like Youtube and Amazon Prime Video.

About ChuChu TV

The ChuChu TV YouTube Channel is the property of ChuChu TV Studios, a media & technology firm based in Chennai, India. The company’s mission is to connect with children throughout the world with colorful, upbeat songs, each one featuring a memorable cast of ChuChu TV characters. ChuChu TV family of channels includes ChuChu TV, ChuChu TV Surprise, ChuChu TV Funzone, ChuChu TV Story Time and international language offerings in Spanish and Portuguese. More international and regional language channels are set to be launched in the near future.


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