Amazon Prime Video recreates the roaring 20s to get consumers excited about its latest Amazon Original show ‘Z: The Beginning of Everything

The 1920s was the most glamorous era in the history of fashion. The time period has been synonymous with elegance, grace, panache and allure and continues to be popular and awe inspiring for the present generation.

One of the most iconic personalities from the roaring 1920s was Zelda Fitzgerald, the wife of the famous writer F. Scott Fitzgerald, who was known for her vibrant style and flamboyant candor. While many interpretations of her life story are available, the latest addition to the list is Amazon Prime Video’s Original show ‘Z: The Beginning of Everything’. An interesting and unique take on the life of Zelda, the 10 episode Amazon Original series talks about American culture, the war, the changing class system and the differentiating ‘flapper style’ which were important elements that shaped history as we know it. To celebrate the launch of ‘Z: The Beginning of Everything’, Blink Digital conceptualized a unique challenge asking the city’s most popular fashion influencers to get inspired by the 1920s and recreate the look of Zelda Fitzgerald. Taking up the challenge, Mumbai’s sought after bloggers decided to revive the glitzy era of the 1920s with their own interpretation of the flapper look. Among the many people who took up the #Zelda challenge were names like Juhi Godambe (@juhigodambe ), Aashna Shroff (@aashnashroff ) , Shivani Patel (@the.f.drug ) and Santoshi Shetty (@santoshishetty ). Each one portrayed Zelda in their own manner, adding their individual charm to the character making all audiences reminisce the Jazz Age.

Commenting on the challenge, Dooj Ramchandani, Co-founder & CCO at Blink Digital said, “The Christina Ricci starrer Amazon Original, ‘Z: The Beginning of Everything’ is a story of Zelda Fitzgerald – the brilliant, beautiful and talented woman who became the original flapper and icon of the wild, flamboyant Jazz Age. While the story is set in the 20s it is relevant even today, especially when gender equality is more pertinent than ever. Through the #Zelda challenge we worked with the Amazon Prime Video to reach out to the new style creators and icons of today and recreate the look of the original style icon with them.”

Amazon Original Z: The Beginning of Everything is available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video via and via the iOS and Android apps.

Blink Digital is an awarding winning full service digital agency based out of Mumbai, India. The agency lies at the intersection of creativity, technology and media, creating innovative experiences for brands that help them realize their greatest ambitions in a post digital and consumer controlled world. Their clients include KFC, Amazon, Kotak, ITC, Star Sports, Conde Nast, and Puma

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