Abbott’s ENSURE® Dreams Survey – Old Parents haveunfulfilled dreams but lack strength

A new survey conducted by Abbott, the maker of Ensure®, brought out the answers on unfulfilled dreams of older parents, aspirations and the dynamics that defines the great Indian family. The Dreams survey found that Indian families are more connected than ever and they are discussing their dreams, but that loss of strength is stopping many older adults from achieving those unmet goals. In the survey, parents in Delhi and Chennai have cut down their travel and socializing as they do not have the energy anymore, even to do their daily chores.

Are dreams a prerogative of only the young? Have parents postponed their dreams to focus on their children? Will they ever have the strength to chase their dreams again? Lets find out ..

The Dreams survey was conducted amongst 1200 young working professionals, men and women (aged 25 to 40 years old) and their parents (aged over 50) across Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad. Across all six metros, the survey showed a strong connection between older adults, their children and the unmet dreams:

· Dreams around children and grandchildren– A striking 90 percent of those over 50 have dreams focused on their children – career, marriage and settling down.

· Winds of Change– 65 percent of parents have unfulfilled dreams relating to their own desires. Travel tops the list of dreams. Entrepreneurship and financial independence are other important ones. While 1 in 4 said they wanted grandchildren, only 15 percent wanted to help raise those grandchildren, a sentiment shared across metros and gender.

· Physical strength is key– 97 percent agreed that if they had sufficient physical strength, they could realise their dreams. That’s because lack of strength affects quality of life in many ways, including exercise, cutting down on travel and socializing, and even an inability to do daily activities like shopping or picking up heavy things.

Explaining how a person’s strength can be managed with proper nutrition and exercise, Dr. Shweta Rastogi, Clinical Dietician at Mumbai’s Gurunanak Hospital said, “As a country we have a life expectancy of 65 years, where most people experience loss of strength from a prime age of 50. To restore strength and energy, older adults need a complete and balanced scientific nutrition with the right mix of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The pursuit of a strong healthy life rests with both parents and children. While nutrition aids physical strength, children or caregivers can be the ultimate source of mental strength. Therefore, it’s imperative that children motivate parents to be strong by encouraging parents to maintain a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine.”

So how well placed are children to play this role? For sons and daughters discussing their parents’ dreams, the survey brought some interesting insights to the fore:

· Gratitude before attitude– A thumping 93 percent of children feel they owe their parents a huge debt for raising them and making them what they are.

· Connected families– 80 percent of parents surveyed are living with at least one child, and spend at least two hours a day with them. For those not living with a parent, one in two children said they talk to their parents on a daily basis.

· Decoding parents’ dreams– 78 percent of children believe their parents face obstacles in achieving their dreams, more pronounced in Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata (84 to 87 percent) versus Bangalore and Mumbai (65 to 69 percent). Lack of strength emerges as the top barrier with 44 percent children stating this was a key reason parents couldn’t live a more fulfilling life.

Speaking on Dreams Survey, Amal Kelshikar, Country Head & General Manager, Abbott’s nutrition business in India, said, “At Abbott, we understand that good nutrition is foundational for living the best and fullest lives possible at any age– and that family is key to a full life. The Ensure Dreams Survey and its findings open up an amazing opportunity in India for children and their parents to come together to continue achieving their dreams together. By having an honest conversation about the role nutrition can have in giving adults strength and energy at any age, we hope more adults in India can continue realizing their dreams.”

Today dinner conversations for Indian families need to become more balanced— putting more of the spotlight on the generation that has raised the millennials as much the millennials themselves. To submit your parent’s dream or know more about Ensure®, visit

About Abbott:

At Abbott (NYSE: ABT), we’re committed to helping you live your best possible life through the power of health. For more than 125 years, we’ve brought new products and technologies to the world — in nutrition, diagnostics, medical devices and branded generic pharmaceuticals — that create more possibilities for more people at all stages of life. Today, 94,000 of us are working to help people live not just longer, but better, in the more than 150 countries we serve.

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