Ridhi-Sidhi’s fourth birthday celebrated by Wadia Hospital

Ridhi and Sidhi were conjoined twins who were separated at Wadia hospital, they turned four today. All the doctors, nurses, staff and other patients joined in celebrating the twins’ birthday. In 2013, they were born to a couple in Panvel and were conjoined at 180 degrees. This made it impossible for them to walk and was admitted to Wadia Hospital. To be a part of the birthday celebrations, Go Air in flight crew conducted an Employee volunteering activity with the kids of Wadia Hospitals. More than 150 kids with their parents were present for the celebration.

Wadia Hospital separated Ridhi and Sidhi in January 2014, since then the hospital has been taking care of their medical and holistic requirements. The twins are sharpening their cognitive skills to be more receptive and adaptive. The two are going to Pratham School’s playgroup which is located near the hospital. The peer group therapy that they receive within the school has helped them inculcate daily routine schedule. They have also learnt to write a few alphabets.

“Both of them are very active and cheerful, the staff are also very friendly with the two. Our team of 20 doctors, including paediatric surgeons, neonatologists, plastic surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons and anaesthesiologists, were involved in the process to separate them. We have been providing comprehensive care since past 4 years to these kids,” said Dr Minnie Bodhanwala, CEO at Wadia Hospital.

“The twins start their day typically at 5am, after breakfast they go for their therapy sessions. Once they return from the school, they take a short nap followed by a stroll in the evening. Most of the staff including me drop in to meet the two every day. The staff share a natural bond with them and are happy at the progress and improvement seen in the kids. Even after the operation, we are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the kids develop holistically,” added Bodhanwala.

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