Journey Extraordinaire – Aditya Arora

Start Up India Series

Aditya Arora, Entrepreneur In Residence and CEO at Faad Times

  1. Q) Tell us about all your social work. We have heard quite a lot of it. How has that journey been so far?

The journey has been exemplary but quite exhilarating. I started out as a volunteer in the UNESCO India initiatives primarily on education and sanitation. My role was to help the masses through small and conscious efforts that can be of a significant effect to the society. Those were the points where the seed was sown for me. I developed a bit of sensitivity towards the welfare of the masses.

I was hugelyinspired by Education, because it did not any investment but had the potential to turn things around. Following, I started my campaign called Education Yatra in which the basic aim was to help make studies more streamlined for downtrodden sections of the society. I used to travel tirelessly in the villages all over Delhi, just to bring a smile on the faces of these young minds. That one smile made the day for me, and made me confident that yes I can do something for them

All my efforts paid off when I saw the kids that I taught have passed with flying colours. Their parents who resented to educating their child, took active interests now in ensuring that nothing goes wrong and unfinished. It also got me to book a berth in the Microsoft Top 15 changemakers of the country below 20. Although I could not get shortlisted for the final rounds, but coming this war was personification of the word Victory for me.

Q) This is actually quite inspiring. Tell us something about your college life too, how has been the support from there?

Entering into college was a different sphere in my life altogether. Studying BFIA from CBS, I consider myself privileged to be a part of such a fraternity. This college apart from corporate exposure (to say the least), has given me an experience unparalleled. Talking to faculties and students who are doing amazing in their lives as well, has exposed me to lots of learning.

Q) I want to understand as to what are the core values of your life. What things inspire you to keep going on while managing so much?

I believe that passion and self- motivation can turn you from nothing to something in life. It is the passion that drives hard work and not the other way around. If you are passionate about Cricket, you will wake up at 4 every day, for practicing in the nets. If you are not, than no matter how many alarms you put, you will always be trailing with things rather than leading it. My passion, commitment and zeal to create a difference, keeps me going.

 Q) How have been your entrepreneurial pursuits?

Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, I started working with Faad network private limited as an intern, preparing content and strategizing further on the startup ecosystem. I used to write stories on Faad Times which publishes the journey of entrepreneurs and their successful system. Within a span of 6 months, my life turned around from there. I became the CEO of Faad times, a portal on which I was working as an intern 6 months back. From then, there has been no looking back. I have got many prestigious awards, spoken at many events and worked with many startups.

Q) What are your future plans then? Where do you wish to take all of it forward?

I believe that young people have to take India forward and create disruptions on every front to transform this space into spurring more innovations and propelling growth.

I want to carry on with what all I have been doing. I am working on the ideas, hope they will trandform into something even bigger someday. I am glad that the foundation has been laid correctly. But then a long road to go. I would end by saying, “More is yet to come. It is the just the beginning of something exciting in life, and I am all up for it.


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