Highlights of Zee Melt 2017

The event had various sessions on ‘Disruptive Marketing’, ‘Future Citizens’, ‘ViewClickShare’ and workshops. It was attended by eminent industry professionals, witnessed some of the insightful sessions and presentations by top honchos in the media and entertainment industry.

Sunil Raina, Business Head at XOLO,said that our industry is in a perpetual disruption mode. “In the smartphone industry, disruption only happens through technology innovation. Lava’s value proposition is to make aspirational technology accessible.”

Efficiency is the key to delivering value. Lava’s business model innovation is – single layer distribution and cash & carry. He also shared how it is a myth that high price = high quality and low price = low quality. “Quality stands on two pillars – ‘Consistant Product Quality’ and ‘Consistant Great Service’. Quality is NOT a trade off for price,” he added.

XOLO and Lava are different from each other. While XOLO is an online player, Lava is an offline, mass brand.

Future Citizens by Steve Walls, Director Fast Future Publishing

Mr Saurabh Das, VP & Head of Global Service Line for Marketing and Experience Platforms at SapientRazorfish, said that a brand should live up to its brand promise whenever and wherever customer comes calling. “Service experience can be monetized. The whole service model, in fact, can be a market differentiator. Disruption is pervasive.”

Das quoted example of Starbucks which started a feature that one can place their order using mobile phone and pick up the order instead of waiting in the queue for placing an order.


How to distribute digital video? Dave Christison is MD & Executive Producer at The Woolshed Company

Haani Mirza, Creative Lead, APAC at Google shared that digital video is not a regular video. It is played on a screen which is different. It is smaller, clickable and physically intimate. It has some action involved, whether it is shopping or research.
Logograb ceo Luca Boshin recommended use.of Artificial intelligence to.unlock.the new visual age. There is a social change in consumption behaviour. One can convert information into commodity and business successful.

Visual is the new.norm. 4000 images are shared on social media everyday.

Innovation from the East – How China is transforming global Communication.
Darren Burns is President China at Weber Shandwick China

Mr Neel Murthy, Google India apps and.display.product lead said “ You are what you measure. We can achieve more by thinking about the metrics that we are measuring with. Vodafone is using app to improve customer experience and reduce customer service call volumes.

As a outcome, 19 of overall app downloads across all marketing channrls are driven by Universal App Campaign surpassing original target by 380 percent.

How to become Youtube Star ? Mr Satya Raghavan

Gonzalo Fuentes, CEO – Media & Digital at Kantar Insights spoke on ‘When brand fragmentation and digital performance metrics put your business at risk’. He shared that 86% of people say that there are more ads than three years ago. Also, 7 out of 10 people say that ad today is more intrusive/ annoying than three years ago. And ultimately consumers are acting on this. 32% of Gen Z inSEA and India have installed ad blocker. “customer centric” formats can give control to the viewer. Brands need to build engagement through creative,” Fuentes added.

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