Hindi Medium Film Review

Hindi Medium I can happily cross my heart to say it’s worth it , giving you a warm fun feel the first half & an emotional responsible connect as parents or as a dutiful citizen of this great nation in the second half.Director Saket Chaudhary manages to (albeit a bit of melodrama in the final school auditorium scenes) shoves into our face the core truth of our educational system values; Ahem …that We have no values when it comes to getting our child ‘s admission to that precious seat in a reputed school or college or University within India.

The story revolves around fashion store owner Raj Batra ( Irfan Khan) )& his childhood sweetheart now spouse Mitu ( Sabah Qamar) living in the dusty labyrinths of Chandni Chowk. For a humble family that over the years has come the hard way and now lacks no money , the determination & insistence of Mitu to ensure her daughter gets admission into one of Delhi’s top 5 schools becomes a mission & later an emotional blackmail to her simple hubby. One problem- he can’t speak English well nor do they live in the upper society circles of Vasant Vihar. So they relocate, hire a school admission consultant , oh Yes ji..there is one (played admirably by Tilottoma Shome) & when all fails an inspirational idea to apply as a poor family under the RTE act ( Right to Education) is initiated innocently by Raj just to make his spouse happy with his efforts. While the ending scenes become a bit super sacrificial ( the Batras decline to accept the prestigious school seat allowed to their daughter), the movie does amplify a subtle but grim message that we have made education a business & peer power fight…

Deepak Dobriyal ( Pappi of the Tannu weds Mannu fame) as their poor neighbour gives another humble warm son of the soil performance that shows us the poor don’t have the time or benefit to portray the cynism, farcical put ons or prude standards that we have got part instilled within our urbane society life.

Music is ok, but I liked the pulse of the children’s bee bop dance moves to the song “Ek Jindari”. Irfan Khan is sublime , another Piku movie type character as a no nonsense man brave to say it as is. Sabah is refreshing ,a sassy looking spouse who plays with flair a Chandni Chowk homemaker & a posh aspiring socialite. So spare some time for Hindi Medium , for it tells you the love for our children makes us do things that we would otherwise cast critical looks on our peer society or bitch hypocritically about their put ons. No regrets to miss the double B (Bahubali) or the Big B ( Sarkar3) for HM is a delightful yippee , a 4.5/5 for me !!!!😎

Review by Badri Narayan

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