Interview – Author Nisha B Thakur

* Tell us about you and the Journey till date
I am a copywriter by profession. I am currently working as a copy consultant with an advertising firm in Mumbai. I enjoy penning down stories and hence being an author is a natural extension of my writing abilities. I love every bit of writing and being in advertising professional has nurtured and enhanced my creative skills. I am thankful that I career both as copywriter and author has been so well accepted.

* Tell us something about your education and your career.
I am MBA in communication management and started my career as a client servicing with JWT and then moved to copywriting.
When and how did you start writing? What inspired you to write?
Much before I started writing, I actually started reading. Thanks to my father who is an avid reader. I always had books in my house, so not to start reading was kind of unavoidable. Reading inspired me to write. I began writing when I was 10 years old; I use to scribble in my school notebooks. I started with poems; I have several stories running in my head. I am thinker. I think a lot- what if this happens? How would I react etc etc.

* Tell us something about your writing style?
I start writing story and then develop it further, I practically live with those characters, I become their friends and try to understand them, like I was one of them.
The authors you admire? Why?
I admire Agatha Christie because of her writing style, which keeps you engrossed till the climax and second reason is her panache of writing mystery, I feel no one can write mysteries the way she does.

* Tell us something about your books “First You Plz” and “The Blue Jinx”? What are they about and what made you write them?
First You Plz is a rom- com story of an immature girl Avanti who falls for Akash her classmate. It is story of her journey from the time she realize her love till Akash actually propose her or he doesn’t. Also other highlight of the story is female friendship, Avanti and her friends which I feel is majorily not explored in our movies or books

The Blue Jinx is a psychological murder story. It is a suspense murder mystery which explores various equation of human relationship like daughter longing for dead mother, son longing to prove his career wroth to his parents, daughter who wants to find who raped her mother. And the climax is the most interesting as it takes the story to astrologically and gemology. Which again I feel is majorly not explored in our movies or books

* Both the books have garnered good reviews.
Did you face any challenges in writing and publishing your first book? How did you manage overcoming them if you had any?
Several publications rejected my novel. I had to wait for a year to get published. But I didn’t lose my faith as I strongly believe that very story finds its way to be heard.
Any specific steps to follow before you start writing?
I make a point to myself that it’s going to be a rocking piece of work. I repeat this to myself and I begin writing.

* Any Suggestions to the upcoming writers?
Enjoy while writing, and that’s how your readers will enjoy when they read your work.
Other than being an author, how would you describe yourself?
I am a simple, family person.

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