Bajaj Electricals launches new TVC

Bajaj Electricals, one of the leading companies in the business of Luminaires, Transmission Line Towers,
Illumination and Rural Electrification Projects has launched a brand new television campaign (TVC)
starting today. Aimed at creating a visceral response, the film conveys multiple real life stories from the
interiors of the country with no trace of electricity. The film emphasizes on the role of Bajaj Electricals in
impacting millions of lives through its lighting initiatives.
The objective of the campaign is to create awareness about the successfully designed and commissioned
complex landmark infrastructure projects carried out by Bajaj Electricals. Notably, this is the first brand
campaign by the company focused solely on B2B segments of the company that play a crucial role in the
infrastructure building for the country.The audience will get a first peek into the campaign in Digital and Cinemas, subsequently the campaign will be aired on TV.

Made of 3 short films conveying 3 different real life stories from the hinterlands of India, the campaign is
sure to steal your heart.Commenting on the films, Mr. Anant Bajaj, JMD, Bajaj Electricals said, ‘The infrastructure we lay has a
huge social and economic impact on the lives of people. We have literally crossed rivers, mountains and
jungles to bring electricity to far flung places in the country. And we do all this with great care and
concern for the environment. The insights were taken from these real life incidents that our teams have
faced during the execution of various projects across the length and breadth of our great nation.
Created by OnAds Communications, the films in the campaign are about the hope, despair and dilemma
of a world without light. It captures various unsung human emotions like those of a girl wanting her
dreams to come true or a child wanting her father to come home through animated puppets made of
layers of thin paper.
‘The stories in the campaign are inspired & dramatized versions of the stories that we heard from the
Bajaj team. We thought it would be interesting to tell these stories through animation, like a fairy tale
only to reveal that these are not fables but inspired true stories’, said Jignesh Maniar, Founder of OnAds.
In line with its philosophy, Bajaj Electricals considers every Indian a part of their family and the campaign depicts how through the magic of light the dreams of millions of Indians have come true.

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