U Mumba cook up ahead of the fifth edition of the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League


IMG_6393Few U Mumba players  teamed up to cook off with the assistance of two brilliant chefs at the Courtyard Marriott. On a day where the winner would be decided based on taste and appearance of the food, captain Anup Kumar, U Mumba’s poster boy Shabeer Bapu and Coach E Bhaskaran were their intuitive best as they judged the dishes. While the Maharashtra boys Kashiling Adake and Nitin Madane were on one side, Joginder Narwal and Kuldeep Singh held their own on the other end.

Armed with a set menu and the guidance of the chefs, the newly crowned MumBoys whipped up four superb dishes in just an hour, encouraged by the cheers of their fellow teammates. As coaches Bhaskaran and Ravi Shetty looked on in amusement, plating was complete and it was time for the judgement.

IMG_6355Kashi and Nitin prepared Vegetable Kolhapuri and Jeera Rice, Kuldeep and Joginder whipped up Dal Fry along with their take on Jeera Rice. After a careful round of testing by the coach, the captain and the star players, alongside the head chef of Courtyard Marriott, Kashiling Adake & Nitin Madane.were adjudged the winners of the Cook-Off.


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