Exclusive Interview – Chairman Wockhardt Foundation

Interview with Sir Dr. Huz (HUZAIFA KHORAKIWALA) –

1) When was Wockhardt Foundation founded? How did the idea of starting a foundation come about?
Dr. Habil Khorakiwala, Chairman – Wockhardt Group made CSR activities a regular part of his agenda, and in 2008, he merged all those activities into a formal entity, Wockhardt Foundation. This was partly prompted by his eldest son, Sir Dr. Huz (Huzaifa Khorakiwala).
An MBA from Yale, Sir Dr. Huz had worked with Wockhardt’s international operations in the US and later the UK, before returning to India to work alongside his father in India, handling the veterinary pharmaceuticals business which was sold in 2008. Always spiritual, he had read many religious books and developed a desire for care-giving. “My son walked up to me in 2008 and said, ‘I want to focus on the Foundation work, and don’t mind spending more time on it.’ I said, ‘go ahead and do it.’ Sir Dr. Huz became CEO and trustee of Wockhardt Foundation.
Wockhardt Foundation is a national, not-for-profit organization engaged in social service and human welfare activities. Its 19 programmes have made perceptible change in its areas of operations to the lives of the underprivileged.Its programmes Little Hearts, Pronto Toilet, Pronto Bio Toilet, E-Learning, Khel Khel Mein, Wockhardt Skills Development Institute, Shudhu water purification tablets, Adarsh Gram Yojana and others have made significant impact and it continues to expand its social coverage in areas where the need is the most.Mobile 1000, its flagship programme, aims at operating 1000 Mobile Health Vans in rural India and administering free primary healthcare to 25 million Indians every year. As of date, there are 105 Mobile 1000 Vans operating in 18 states and doing yeoman service to rural India.Its sanitation programme – Pronto Toilets is part of the Prime Minister’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. It has now undertaken an ambitious plan of constructing more than 60,000 household toilets in Orissa.

2) What is the mission and vision of Sir Dr. Huz- Head of the non-profit organisation Wockhardt Foundation?

The Mission of Sir Dr. Huz is to work towards and fight for the upliftment of the poor, weak and needy through the Wockhardt Foundation.

3) Throw some light on ‘Mobile 1000’- Wockhardt Foundation’s flagship program.

Ans. The Mobile 1000 program is the flagship program of Wockhardt Foundation that seeks to provide rural primary healthcare to the villages of India. Sir Dr. Huz (Huzaifa Khorakiwala), CEO Wockhardt Foundation pioneered this program in order to bridge the glaring gaps in the delivery of healthcare services to rural India.
With its vast outreach and quality care, the Mobile Medicare Unit system has proven to be instrumental in addressing the needs of rural areas, particularly the vulnerable and disadvantaged communities in the low income and marginalized populations in serviced areas. Each Mobile Van is equipped with a doctor, a driver, a pharmacist, and a coordinator. The rural parts of India suffer from the inadequacy and inaccessibility of primary healthcare services.
A Mobile Health Van is fully equipped with a MBBS doctor and medicines providing ADCR (Awareness, Diagnosis, Cure, and Referral) primary healthcare services.

4) Tell us in detail about the sanitation programme ‘ Pronto Toilet programme’ of Wockhardt Foundation ( include Dr. Huz ‘s quotes if possible, or ideas into the answer)

Ans. The pronto toilet initiative was launched with the aim of facilitating our Prime Ministers mission ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’. Pronto Toilet aims to improve hygiene among the masses and curtail ailments caused on account of dearth of proper sanitation facilities in the country. Lack of toilets is more than just a sanitation problem. Children fall ill due to the germs spread from open defecation and cannot attend school. This hinders their education and learning process. Many girls drop out of school due to absence of sanitation facilities. Construction of toilets and sanitation systems in local communities and schools is imperative. Pronto Toilet aims to construct individual sanitary latrines at schools and communities to accomplish a vision of ‘Clean India’.Apart from toilet construction generation of awareness among citizens about sanitation and its linkages with public health is also promoted.
Wockhardt Foundation has completed the construction of 6 toilet blocks for SERUM INSTITUTE under the CSR fund at various locations in Pune.

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