Why WordPress is still the Best?

WordPress is the largest Content Management Platform. It hosts more than 70 million websites with a large percentage of them being business websites. However, it’s not only the big reason you should be using WordPress.

Look at few of the top reasons why WordPress is better than the other Blogging or CMS software:

  1. It is free and it is open source software
  2. Easy to setup, learn and use
  3. Extendable by Using Themes and Plugins – Some of them paid and mostly free.
  4. It is Search Engine (SEO) friendly and provides Social Media (SMM) integration
  5. Big crowd of developers and users. Hence, large community helps in troubleshooting.
  6. Regular software updates to improve security
  7. It can be easily integrated with any Service/Application.
  8. It supports various multimedia like images, videos, etc…

Don’t trust our world, check some of the Top Brands that use WordPress :

If you a Start-up or New Venture Company, WordPress will fit you perfectly (Why) :

  • Since it is free, it allows you save your capital investment
  • You will be able to own your data since that is important signature of any new company.
  • You can launch it quickly and hit the market.

Start using WordPress today and best will happen as it was, is and still the BEST.


By Rashida Doctor

Founder – TechieSoul

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