Green Initiative of Bicycle Sharing launched by Thane City & Signpost

Thane city’s newest public transportation system, Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS) service for Thaneites was launched on August 2017. The bike share system doesn’t use tax payers’ money. The durable bikes and docking stations provide convenient and inexpensive mobility 365 days of a year.

Unlock cycles through smart card from the cycle docks Set by TMC & Signpost Group.jpgAs green cycle initiative shall work on PPP model, the civic authority; Thane Municipal Corporation and Signpost India would work to implement exclusively for creating a convenience mobility network in phased manner, with 600 bikes and 50 stations across the city service roads, highways, transit points, educational hubs, shopping and entertainment zones. It is designed for quick trips with convenience in mind, and it’s a fun and affordable way to get around town.

Cycling is booming in India as fun and fitness treat, commuter’s percentage is increasing year after year, one of the most populous metros in India, Mumbai – specifically its major location such as Thane is also constantly struggling to decongest roads with heavy traffic every day. Although that is the case with most metros, the initiative “ILOVEYCYCLING” is going to offer citizens a chance to skip the traffic and cut down on the ‘rush’ during traffic hours in Thane.

Rent cycles from cycle docks Set by TMC & Signpost GroupIt is hassle free & registration is simple and can be done with just ID proof. Through online transactions, best deals for Thaneites will be offered on day pass, three-month pass as well as annual subscription. A corporate membership drive would also be launched soon for group subscription benefits, an option of gift card would also be available in market as a gesture to capture fun and health elements on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

It is a great alternative to cabs, rickshaws, buses and even walking. It is designed for quick trips with convenience and can be used to commute to work, school, run errands, get to appointments and much more. And Soon, the members could get a cycle from a nearest docking station through an online app or a smart card called ‘I Love Cycling’ and they can take as many rides as they want throughout the year, and the first 45 minutes of each ride are complementary in each plan.

“As we work on the most challenging and dream project “I Love Cycling”; it will be implemented in phased manner and will expand on its acceptance. We wish to make it success along with the support of citizens and celebrate on the public private partnership in the time to come with Thane.” Said, Mr Dipankar Chatterjee, Managing Partner, Signpost India.

Adding further he said, “By working in partnership with Thane Municipal corporation we would be able to create new job opportunities for localities while running the program, we intent to engage Thaneites and visitors in a healthy, fun and safe way to get around the city, and we would be able to turn urban bike share from an interesting experiment into a crucial component of city transit network.”

About Signpost India
Signpost is India’s leading Out of home advertising company with over fifteen offices across the country. Operates various media formats like transit, traditional, iconic, and digital across various environments such as Airports, Railway stations, Bus branding, Bus Shelters, Billboards, Digital Screens, and iconic Wall Wraps across various cities of the country. Also, working closely with Civic Bodies to develop OOH solutions to improve the landscape of the city. Pioneering in developing world class facilities for the citizens of India, such as Bus Q Shelters and Public Conveniences like Toilets and Smart Pedestrian Skywalks with escalators, at zero cost to the civic bodies, the company adds additional units in their facilities including litter bins, water dispensers, etc. to promote city cleanliness and provide respite to the citizens of India. Signpost also provides various OOH solutions to brands through its subsidiary Street talk.

One thought on “Green Initiative of Bicycle Sharing launched by Thane City & Signpost

  1. Greetings! We are a group of citizens and wish to showcase the green cycle initiative by TMC at the Gudhi Paadwa rally to be held across Thane on 18 Th march 2018. We were wondering if we could rent the bicycles in lot from TMCfor the event.
    Kindly let me know the contact details of any particular responsible person who might help me out for putting the concept into reality.

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