Wakefit to Deliver Mattress to PM

Wakefit, one of India’s unique startups that manufacture and retail innovative memory foam mattresses, has created the ONE perfectly engineered mattress for all Indian body types that achieves optimal spine support and weight distribution for an incredible, soothing sleep.

Sleep is that essential rejuvenation process which makes or breaks the day ahead, and if not indulged in for the appropriate period of time, wreaks havoc in a person’s life.

And who better to experience this mattress’s effectiveness than the one man who represents the hopes, aspirations, strength and dreams of all of India-the honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Wakefit has come up with a quirky, innovative campaign in which it will send its special ‘Make in India’ mattress to the PM-along with 50 of the most creative and heartfelt messages from all over the country.

_OneIndiaOneWakefit - What 500+ Indians sayOur PM is known to be a workaholic who seldom rests, and has even admitted to sleeping for as little as 3.5 hours a day! Thus, this mattress that was created by the Wakefit team after months of research and customer follow-me-homes, serves as the ideal gift to thank him for all the hard work he has put in over the years and also remind him to take good care of his health.

The mattress will be accompanied by messages collected from every corner of the country cutting through social strata and demographics. Out of the 1,000+entries, an external jury will select the top 50 whose messages with contact details will be sent to the PM. The top 3 entries amongst these 50 will also get a free Wakefit mattress each.

Essentially, the campaign wants to serve as a bridge between the billions of Indians and their leader. The messages are aimed at providing our PM with a wide variety of inputs that can help with policy formulation and administration. They will also speak about an average Indian’s vision of sustaining the thread of unity that runs through our country, one that has kept us together during very dark times.

Wakefit’s mattress that guarantees sound sleep to every Indian, is a gift that not only reflects the technological achievement of its team, but also represents the feeling of togetherness even within the billion diverse lives and the crests and troughs of emotions we experience daily. So send your love, advice, suggestions and dreams to Wakefit and itwill ensure that they reach our beloved Prime Minister, accompanying a mattress on which hopefully, will rest the dreams of an entire country.


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