Mickey Mehta partnered with Talwalkars

Dr. Mickey Mehta, announced a strategic alliance with Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Limited (Talwalkars), one of Asia’s largest fitness companies. Dr Mickey is Global leading holistic health guru, wellness wizard & corporate life coach, The two titans of fitness and wellness have come together in a global endeavour to start a wellness revolution for human evolution.

The visionary guru plans to revolutionize the usual gym workout, by transforming the mindsets from conventional fitness modalities to adopting ancient wellness wisdom & philosophies. Today Mickey has 15 wellness centers across Mumbai propagating Mickey’s wellness programs. With Talwalkars’ industry leadership and national footprintof over 220 fitness centers, this partnership will leverage Talwalkar’s infrastructure to promote Mickey’s signature wellness offerings and branded IPs in India which will help him build a global brand footprint.

Mickey wants to bring a holistic offering to the fitness industry. This partnership helps consolidate his leadership position in the industry enabling him to make world-class holistic health and wellness offerings accessible to everyone across India and eventually across the globe. With Mickey Mehta’s branded workout programs, products, services, wellness intellectual properties and Talwalkar’s organizational strengths, infrastructure and national network, both brands complement each other and will collectively grow to reinvent fitness standards and thus get this world ‘Mickeymized!’

Some of Mickey’s signature wellness offerings and branded IPsinclude wellness foods, nutraceuticals, fitness/sports merchandise and programs such as ‘Learn swimming in 24 hrs’, ‘Grow Tall with Mickey Mehta’, ‘Be stronger, Live longer- Age Reversal Program’ and most importantly Mickey’s ‘Eco-friendly Go Green Workouts-the first ever green work-out in the world amongst many others.Apart from this Mickey plans to strengthen his digital presence and launch Mickey Mehta 2.0across the world.


Dr. Mickey Mehta said, “I want to make wellness the religion No.1, and this partnership takes me one step closer to fulfilling that dream. This alliance represents the coming together of a fitness and wellness brand who share the same ideologies, values and vision tobring a holisticoffering to consumers in the health and wellness category. My partnership with Talwalkars gives me a national platform and is just the first step in building a global brand footprint.

Prashant Talwalkar, MD and CEO of Talwalkars said, “We believe in Mickeys’ vision and want to create more value through wellness foods, nutraceuticals, merchandise, digital Mickey and Mickey’s IPs and services via the Talwalkars network. We are excited about this partnership, and believe the synergies this will benefit not only our audiences in the markets we directly impact, but thousands of people pan India in our effort to make our nation live fitter, thus have healthier and happier souls walking this earth.


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