Cloud Nine Maternity Hospital launched in Navi Mumbai

Shilpa Shetty inaugurating cloudnine hospital vashi India’s leading chain of maternity, Cloudnine Hospitals launched its maternity and childcare hospital at Vashi in Navi Mumbai. The new facility was inaugurated by renowned actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra and Dr Kishore Kumar, Founder and Chairman. It will offer comprehensive and personalized care for expectant mother and babies.

 Dr Kishore Kumar, Founder and Chairman, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals said, “With our new centre in Navi Mumbai, our endeavor is to effectively bridge the gap between Indian and international standards of maternal and neonatal care. We are currently the only chain of hospitals to have achieved infant and maternal success rates comparable to developed countries in the West and we are staunchly committed to our motto of ‘Healthy mothers and happy babies’.

“Pregnancy brings about multiple changes making parents doubtful of various elements like do’s and don’ts, lifestyle to follow, correct diet, impact of their actions on the baby etc. Increasingly, today we see cases where couples prefer having single child and thus demand best of care and facilities to make the moment of delivery a memorable one for the family. Parents need a trusted partner that could navigate them through this significant stage in their lives. Cloudnine Hospitals brings that very essence of care to Navi Mumbai,” added Mr. Rohit MA, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals 

“Our addressable deliveries in Maharashtra is currently over 500 per month and all of them are within hospitals and not through dedicated centres of maternity excellence such as Cloudnine. In a recent study conducted by Cloudnine, over 80% of the customers we spoke to were unsatisfied with their pregnancy management, the delivery experience, the hospital environment, access to doctors and other overall journey of this momentous period of their life. This naturally made Vashi an important demographic for us to extend our services. Also, from an access, convenience, population demographic, future growth, Vashi scored very high and hence our decision to setup our unit in this part if of the city”, added Dr Kishore.

“Majority of pregnancy cases we see in Vashi today are where expecting mothers are over 32 years of age. Though many older mums have a healthy pregnancy and birth, they are at an increased risk of developing ongoing health conditions, such as diabetes & high blood pressure. Miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy are also more common in older women, as are complications like placenta praevia, pre-eclampsia and premature birth. Therefore a dedicated maternity unit like Cloudnine plays an integral role and offers all-inclusive solutions to the pregnant woman and her family”, said Dr Kishore.

Renowned actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra, stressed upon the importance of choosing the right healthcare partner for delivery. She said, “Childbirth is a life changing phenomena for a woman. It is important to choose a comfortable, trustworthy environment that can offer her a happy and stress-free atmosphere not just during the final month but also during the entire term of pregnancy. From what I have gathered from friends and family, Cloudnine is committed to not only provide exceptional clinical care but also make child birth a happy and joyous occasion.”


Cloudnine plans to invest around 200 crores and expand their chain of maternity and child care hospitals in Maharashtra. Highlighting their future plans Rohit said, “We adopt a cluster based approach to expand. We have robust plans to enter cities like Nagpur, Nashik where we are completing our market research currently”.


Having delivered more than 50,000 babies across the country over a decade, Cloudnine has emerged as a pioneer in managing pregnancy from conception to delivery. Owing to their excellence in providing the best maternal and neonatal care, Cloudnine Hospitals was also honoured as ‘The Best Women & Child Hospital in India’ by International Product and Service Award (IPSA) recently.

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