BodyPower India Expo 2017 begins with a powerful bang!

Nick Orton and Flex WheelerBody Power India Expo, the biggest gathering of bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts opened its gates on a Friday for all. The expo saw participation from some of the most esteemed health & fitness brands, along with globally renowned athletes.

Day 1 of the Expo started with an inauguration ceremony by Mr. Nick Orton, CEO, BodyPower and renowned athletes Kai Greene, Sangram Chougule, Shweta Rathore, Bollywood actor Sahil Khan, Flex Wheeler, Tom Coleman, Zac Aynsley and Josh Maley. While they spoke about health and fitness, Mr. Nick Orton highlighted the growing awareness of nutrition in India and how BodyPower has got a bigger and better with many new latest techniques.

The day began with National Championship Qualifying Rounds of MMA and Kick Boxing which captivated the attendees with highly energetic cheers. Each zone was supervised by globally renowned athletes.BodyPower.PNG

On this occasion Mr. Nick Orton, CEO, BodyPower said “ The first day has come to an end and we can say it has gone formally well, we have great line of athletes so we had all the leading international athletes coming across legends like Flex Wheeler, phenomenal Kai Greene and PCA Pro and other athletes like Tom Coleman, Zac Aynsley and Josh Maley. The number one Indian athletes Sangram Chougule and the number one female athletes Shweta Rathore and that to be supported by other regional athletes that we are proud to support and the exhibition was itself was really well built and developed by all the leading name of the industry and of course BodyPower impacts the team to came in force to support the show and now we have got over 2000 ambassadors in India who are back of this show those people get rewarded for their hardwork for BodyPower and finally the visitors and they are very strong turnout here with BodyPower delight to see so many people coming and enjoying the BodyPower Expo”.

Visitors got the opportunity, to get up close with a huge array of leading national and international athletes, along with attending their interviews, competitions and workshops that were taking place throughout the day. There were some exciting interactive sessions taking place within the expo, followed by masterclasses. With a large number of visitors from the industry, the expo also provided them a platform to deal directly with retailers, gym managers, group buyers, health centres, practitioners, personal trainers and distributors.

The list of exhibitors at the Expo increases each year. Some of the leading names part of the Expo were Mutant, Welcare, Matrix, Real Mix, BPI, RSP, Omtex, Influx, Powermax, N2 Nutrition, Into Wellness, Dynamik Muscle, Wolfcare, Apollo Pharmacym, Bulk Powder UK and many more International and National Brands.

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