RCOM’s Global Cloud Xchange announced ” Cloud and Fibre Initiative


GCX today unveiled key strategic plans for 2018 with its ‘Cloud and Fiber Initiative’. GCX is a subsidiary of Reliance commnications. The construction of its recently-announced Eagle express submarine cable systems, from Mumbai—Westward to Italy & Eastward to Hong Kong—will be completely self funded.

GCX has also entered into key partnerships with Alibaba and few Fortune 100 companies  to expand its Cloud ecosystem and data center footprint, further solidifying India’s position as a key global hub with a strategic edge.

“India is the new Silicon Valley. The Cloud and Fiber initiative is our response to the key requirements in the global marketplace,driven by the explosive growth in Cloud and infrastructure programs by enterprises around the world,” said Bill Barney, CEO of Reliance Communications & Chairman/CEO, Global Cloud

Xchange. “Nearly half of the world’s population is reachable with a short distance from India’s borders, giving the country a strategic edge in the new Digital Era. This initiative levels the playing field for India’s companies to compete globally.”

“The demand for international bandwidth connected to Asian countries is expected to increase more than 10-fold between 2017 and 2023, while bandwidth linking Europe to the Middle East and the rest of Asia is forecast to grow seven-fold in the same period,” according to Alan Mauldin,

Research Director at TeleGeography. “India provides a strategic location in the context of thelarger global subsea cable network. New cables extending to the East and West from India will help accommodate surging capacity demand and enhance network resiliency,” Mauldin added.

With India’s position as Asia’s third-largest information technology market after Japan and China,

Plans are also underway with other key telco, OTT and data center partners from across major

growth markets to ensure that the ‘Cloud and Fiber Initiative’ delivers infrastructure and

bandwidth required to support the next wave of economic growth driven by the Cloud revolution.

“Tapping on India’s prime geographic location, the ‘Cloud and Fiber Initiative’ will deliver a strategic edge to businesses with the Eagle system’s high-speed transit from India West into

Europe and East into the exponentially growing markets across Asia-Pacific,” Barney added. “In the coming months, we will also announce additional enhancements to our data center footprint in advance of Eagle coming on line to ensure that we are further equipped to support the growth surge that we are seeing across the emerging markets.”

The Eagle cable system, targeted for completion by the end of 2020, will create a Next-Generation IP and Cloud environment across the emerging markets corridor that encompasses the Middle East into Europe, as well as the large economies of China, India and Indonesia.

Based on state-of-the-art 100G technology, the new cable network will be four/six fiber pairsystems, with an initial design capacity of 12-24Tbps per fiber pair, using Next-Generation Coherent Submarine Fiber.



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