Geometry Encompass India celebrated 20th Anniversary

Encompass was founded by Roshan Abbas and Sukrit Singh in 1998. The company has pioneered and led the experiential marketing space in India, having handled events from Auto Expos, government and state mandates, opening ceremonies of prestigious events to micro events at a rural level for large players across industries.

Since joining WPP in 2008, the agency has grown considerably in stature and reputation. In 2015, the Geometry Encompass India network was created making it the only agency in India that is a part of a global network and strengthening their geographic coverage and service offerings to become the largest full-service activation agency in India.

Geometry, a renowned global network, is relatively new in the Indian market and is well aware of India’s strengths and challenges and with their Indian leadership and global level expertise, the entity is poised to set new standards and benchmarks in India’s promising experiential marketing space. Having had a successful merger, the entity has grown its business manifold and is at the cusp of celebrating its 20 year run in India.

Sukrit Singh, Group CEO, Geometry Encompass India said “We have been through a great journey so far and have pioneered numerous activations in this space since our inception. 20 years is more of a reminder to us to push the envelope further and take our achievements ahead to create value for our brand partners and consumers with newer ideas and dynamic innovations thereby enhancing the way Indian consumers interact with brands.”

Steve Harding, Global CEO, Geometry Global commented, “We work with a number of global brands such as Diageo, Unilever and Kimberly-Clark across the region and for these brands, India is a very attractive market with a huge potential. Given that Geometry Encompass India has incredible expertise in brand activation, we can help build a trustworthy relationship between Indian consumers and the brand through first-hand experiences. On the other hand, Indian brands face fierce competition in the local market and several of them are ready for overseas markets. Within the Geometry Global network, Geometry Encompass India can work together with other markets to expand local brands into regional/global markets.”

Since then Geometry Encompass India has leveraged the global and local expertise of two companies to offer brand experience solutions which enhance and widen consumer engagement. This has led them to diversify their business from largely experiential/events to include rural and shopper. Geometry Encompass India strengthens the whole Geometry Global network because India is a critical market with its growth and size.

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