India Grape Harvest Festival 2018 witnesses a fabulous response

The India Grape Harvest Festival 2018 organised by India Grape Harvest and supported by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation in conjunction with Ministry of Tourism witnessed success with an encouraging interest at multiple destinations across Nashik Valley. The objective of this festival was to promote Agro – tourism and Nashik as a tourist destination. Sixteen delegations from countries including Japan, Germany and France were present there. This was the only festival comprising a longest duration of one and a half months with Vinchur Wine Park and Vaitarna as their two campsites.

India Grape Harvest Festival 2018 - Pic 4.jpeg
India Grape Harvest festival viewed participation from India’s best wineries to show the beginning of the harvest season. Various activities such as grape stomping, wine tasting, cooking in wine (master class) and painting with wine were exhibited during the festival. Enthusiastic travellers across Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Indore and Surat attended this festival and enjoyed Indian Art, Tribal Art, craft, music, food and culture. Brainstorming sessions from ‘Grape to Glass’ that described the gist of the wine making process, were organised for the people who were a part of this festival. The festival helped generate a lot of revenue to various wineries and create employment opportunities.

India Grape Harvest Festival 2018 - Picture 1.jpeg

Speaking on the occasion, Shri. Jaykumar Rawal, Hon’ble Minister of Tourism & (EGS), Government of Maharashtra, “I am happy to see the response for this festival from the people across the country as well as outside India. It has helped in enhancing employment opportunities, revenue, hotel business, Agro Tourism etc. In addition, this festival has communicated the hidden story of every single person who has contributed and put in efforts behind each drop of wine here. We also hope to see ahead a Grand Carnival that will be held on 18th March 2018.”

India Grape Harvest Festival 2018 - Picture 2.jpeg

Tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in the state, which generates substantial foreign exchange and has culminated in significant employment prospects. Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) was established with the aim of promoting tourism in the state. Since its foundation, MTDC has been at the forefront of development and maintenance of various tourist sites and at present owns and maintains resorts in these regions. To aide tourists, MTDC has opened information centres at all popular destination, which provide travel information about various tourist spots in Maharashtra along with travel maps, Maharashtra tourism guides and travel books at affordable prices.

Maharashtra is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India offering a diverse range of experiences from pristine beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, hill stations, natural caves, waterfalls, to imposing forts, colourful festivals, ancient pilgrimage shrines, museums, and historical monuments.

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